VR ‘Self-Co-Op’ Game Mixture Coming To Quest 2 & PS VR2

This single-player fantasy experience combines alchemy with swordplay.

Earlier today, indie developer Played With Fire (Stargaze) announced an upcoming VR game for Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR2 headsets that has you playing the role of an exiled knight and an ambitious Master Alchemist at the same time as you embark on a journey in search of redemption and power.

Described by the developer as a ‘VR self-co-op’ game, Mixture is a single-player fantasy experience that combines hack-and-slash swordplay with magic crafting. As previously mentioned, players take on both roles simultaneously as they progress through each of the five biomes, each of which is guarded by enormous bosses.

As Sola the Moth, you’ll traverse various environments using platforming mechanics and battle all manner of foes with your deadly scythe as you search for living metals, ores, and crystals. As the Master Alchemist Sephairos, you’ll tower over the knight while combing the area for special minerals you can mix into potions to assist the knight.

You can use materials you gather to create glue traps, make parts of the environment grow, destroy key obstacles, and so much more. As you progress through the game you’ll discover additional mixtures and abilities that will assist you throughout your journey. Thankfully, every region within the Realm of Alchemy is composed of transmutable materials, offering plenty of options for a skilled alchemist.

“Played with Fire started in 2019 as a couple of developers and friends from Cracow, Poland, who decided to start their own studio,” said CEO and Lead Programmer Bartłomiej Szydło in an official statement.

“We wanted to experiment with new technologies and design new solutions—to ‘play with fire,’ so to speak. VR and the metaverse are where the future lies, and we’ll be there to be a part of it!”

Mixture will be available to demo from September 2nd to the 3rd at PAX West (Booth 650) at the Seattle Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. No word yet on an official release date or price.

“With Mixture, we’ve combined the fast reflexes of hands in VR action and the manual crafting and casting of alchemy with our love of classic metroidvanias and stylish action games, which make use of a fully visible avatar to underline the hero’s amazing and cinematic combat abilities,” added Szydło.

“The amount of fun, real-time interplay between two characters presented from two joined POVs is something unique to VR and something we wanted to explore.”

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Image Credit: Played With Fire

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