VR Sailing Game MarineVerse Cup Coming To The Quest 2

Grab the helm in this multiplayer sailing simulator created by sailors for sailors.

Melbourne-based developer MarineVerse, the same team behind 2018’s VR Regatta, today announced MarineVerse Cup, a new VR sailing game coming later this year to Meta Quest 2 headsets. Created by a team of professional sailors and engineers, the colorful-looking simulator promises a variety of unique game modes, both solo and multiplayer.

Those new to the sport can learn the basics of sailing on a yacht and dinghy via a detailed tutorial system. Once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics, you can test your newly-acquired skills in a variety of time trials and mini-games and compete for a high score against other players.

Looking for an additional challenge? Take your talents online and race against other human players in real-time. Those who purchase the “Sailing Pass” will also have access to Pro and WASZP races. These competitions will take you to exotic destinations around the world, including Sydney, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Enoshima, and Cape Town.

Image Credit: MarineVerse

“We want to share our passion for sailing with the world, and Meta Quest 2 allows us to do just that!,” said Greg Dziemidowicz, Lead Developer for MarineVerse. “Our original intention with MarineVerse Cup was to teach people how to sail and then challenge them in a variety of racecourses, but we’ve also found that a lot of more advanced sailors have simply enjoyed the nostalgia of being back at the helm from the comfort of their own home. Whether you want to play MarineVerse Cup to relax, learn or compete online, we promise you an exhilarating experience!”

Image Credit: MarineVerse

MarineVerse Cup is scheduled to launch in early spring on Meta Quest 2 headsets. Players can expect daily practice races with varying wind conditions and skill-based leagues.

Those interested can try the game now on Quest 2 for $19.99 via the App Lab. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: MarineVerse

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