Fantastical VR RPG ‘A Township Tale’ Now On Oculus Quest

Fight, craft, trade, explore, cook, mine, chop, and loot your way through an epic fantasy adventure in this multiplayer VR role.

The popular PC VR RPG experience A Township Tale has finally arrived on Oculus Quest headsets, and the game is already creating some serious buzz among players. In this robust VR role-playing experience, you and seven other players must work together to explore a lost world filled with exciting adventures, unknown dangers, and ancient mysteries.

Set in a classic medieval fantasy world, the game begins with you working in various professions, such as blacksmithing, woodcutting, mining, and archery. Not the most glamorous work, but hey, at least it’s an honest life. After a slumbering evil awakens and threatens the future of your peaceful world, however, you and your friends are forced to take up arms and battle this ancient foe.

Created by Australian studio Alta, A Township Tale is an open-world fantasy game that blends survival gameplay with classic role-playing mechanics to offer players an addicting multiplayer VR experience.

The game allows you and up to seven other players to band together to become a working village. You can play solo if you’d like, but the comradery you develop with others in the game is definitely one of the best parts of the experience.

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Other things to mention:

  • Physical Crafting Professions – Adopt roles and operate physical tools and stations, maximizing the spatial range of VR controls. 
  • Levelling – Level up in specialized professions to unlock abilities in crafting and combat. 
  • Online Multiplayer – Join each other on adventures and level up different skills to form a unique party. 
  • Personal Server – Oculus Quest players can start their own cloud-hosted server with an eight concurrent player limit. (NOTE: PC and Quest will not yet feature cross-play at launch.) 

The cartoonish world and customizable avatars alone are enough to keep you coming back for more. Then there are the amazing little details that help immerse you in the experience. In order to chop down a tree, for instance, you’ll need to pick up an ax and start swinging. If you grab the handle with both of your hands as you swing, you’ll chop a lot faster. The game starts off with a handful of introductory missions designed to help you better understand how the game works. These mini-quests get progressively more difficult, but also more fun as you learn more about this epic tale.

If you’ve played the PC VR version and you’re concerned about how A Township Tale translates to Oculus Quest hardware, don’t worry! A side-by-side comparison on YouTube shows little to no difference in terms of gameplay. According to Alta, ”Performance should absolutely be solid.”

“Today’s launch is a dream come true, not just for our team at Alta but also for our fans who’ve been eagerly awaiting the Oculus Quest version of A Township Tale,” said Boramy Unn, Game Director at Alta, in an official press release. “Whether it’s crafting items or just enjoying our magical fantasy world, players can now play together on Quest and escape into the magical world of A Township Tale, a place that feels immersive and alive in a way that’s only possible on VR.” 

Image Credit: Alta

Since the game’s original PC VR release, A Township Tale has released more than 70 updates to keep the game feeling fresh for existing players. The RPG experience has also managed to cultivate a massive fanbase, with over 66,000 members on Discord. This popularity is unlikely to subside anytime soon, as commentators are already leaving 5 Star reviews on the Oculus page.

One Oculus user, MythicalMangos, reviewed the game, saying, “A Township Tale has a lot of depth to its gameplay, and can keep you entertained for 100’s of hours (I’ve put 110 hours into the PC version). It’s best described as a mix of RuneScape and VRChat. Definitely worth $10!”

Image Credit: Alta

Another commenter, vivalameunier, said, “This game is awesome. Already sunk more time into this than any other VR title and I’ve only had it for 2 days. There are so many underlying mechanics you don’t immediately understand but the joy of this game is figuring it out with a community. Not a great solo game but phenomenal with even one friend.”

Will you become a legend, or will your story end in tragedy? A Township Tale is available now on Oculus Quest headsets for $9.99. 

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