VR Resumes Are Catching The Eyes of Industry Recruiters

A brand new market requires a brand new kind of CV.

Getting creative with a resume or job application is a common tactic among job-seekers looking to stand out from the pack. A simple Google search reveals incredible examples of resumes iced into cakes, programmed into video games, hidden inside QR codes, the list goes on. In most cases however, the most engaging CV is always the most successful, which is why many developers looking to get into the VR industry are using the immersive technology to build some of the coolest resumes you’ve ever seen.

Through a variety of methods, from VR art programs to 360-degree videos, amateur hopefuls have designed incredible works of art that creatively display their information while simultaneously showcasing their skills in the medium. One art community in particular, Sketchfab, has been a popular platform for distributing VR resumes and applications. Here are some of the best examples of brilliant self-advertising on the web (Click and hold to change angles, zoom in/out and move around the pieces):

Digital designer Katie Cai used the popular VR art tool Tilt Brush to craft an elegant 3D painting that clearly displays her experience working with various big-name organizations and her aspirations for global travel all while showcasing her skills as an artist.

3D artist Nicolas Cuttoli has plenty of skills to peruse on his resume, you just have to find them first. Using some clever 3D design and architectural-planning, Cuttoli crafted his CV into a simple puzzle that’s as charming as it is informative.  

Kristian Miles is a game designer with an obvious love for Agent 007. Going with a secret agent theme, Miles designed an experience that feels more like you’re reading secret missile documents rather than reviewing previous places of employment.

Utilizing his skills in 3D animation, Fábio Cruz presents a CV that never stops moving. Cruz’s skills, experience and other bits of important information hover delicately over a sleek surface as different parts of the piece continually bounce in hypnotic synchronization.

As a marketing student looking for an internship, Cedric Bloem has to do everything he can to put himself ahead of his hungry peers. This is exactly why he used the untethered freedom of 360-degree video to present employers with what he had to offer.

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