Fantastical VR Puzzler ‘Twilight Path’ Arrives Next Month On PSVR

Team up with a colorful cast of super-powered characters and explore the magical world of Twilight.

Another day, another exciting PSVR announcement. Continuing with its ongoing PlayStation VR spotlight, Sony today announced the arrival of character-driven VR puzzler Twilight Path on PSVR headsets next month.

Originally released back in 2018 on the Oculus Rift and SteamVR headsets, this colorful fantasy-adventure garnered overall positive reviews from PC VR players thanks in large part to its high production value and non-linear gameplay. This October, PlayStation VR players will have the chance to lose themselves in this otherworldly realm.

Inspired by classic 80s and 90s fantasy-adventure movies, Twilight Path is a story-driven “first-person interactive fairytale” that will take you through the remains of an ancient world filled to the brim with roaming spirits, powerful magic, and mysterious traps.

After becoming trapped in an ancient realm located somewhere between the real-world and the afterlife, you’ll team up with a cast of magical characters as you navigate your through a series of unique traps in the hopes of returning home.

There’s Barque, a worldly ferryman with less-than-reliable memory; Singe, a spicy fire spirit with a mysterious past; and Nix, your magical half-inch spirit guide who serves as the voice of reason throughout your quest. As previously stated, Twighlight Path revolves primarily around exploration and puzzle-solving.

As you make your way from gorgeous location to gorgeous location, you’ll use the PlayStation Move controllers to interact with a variety of puzzles directly inspired by developer Charm Games’ previous award-winning release, FORM. This includes everything from manipulating stone mechanics to repairing massive structures using a pair of magical abilities.

“Our small but capable Vancouver-based team, led by our Creative Director Derek Young, wanted to use the modern magic of VR to create our own impossible world, a first-person interactive fairytale, and fill it with characters and stories you can not only watch but co-exist with,” said Alan Jernigan, Studio Director of Charm Games in an official release

Twilight Path arrives on PlayStation VR headsets next month. No word yet on an official price.

Image Credit: Sony PlayStation

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