‘Moss: Book 2’ Coming Next Year To PlayStation VR

Developer Polyarc teases new enemies, environments, and weapons for its highly-anticipated sequel.

*UPDATE [12.2.21]: We’ve updated the article to better reflect new information regarding gameplay.*

UploadVR kicked off its Winter VR Showcase earlier today, revealing a variety of exciting announcements about some of your favorite VR games and apps. This includes news regarding the sequel to the classic VR platformer Moss.

Released back in 2018 for PlayStation VR headsets, Moss has you teaming up with a pint-sized field mouse named Quill and embarking on an epic quest in which you’ll travel through a variety of colorful environments. The game blends combat and puzzle-solving to offer a unique adventure that’s experienced via a combination of first-person and third-person perspectives. Sometimes, you’re helping Quill battle enemies; other times you’re using your Touch controllers to remove “large” obstacles from his path.

Today, Polyarc announced a release window for part two of the adventure, Moss: Book 2. Arriving next year on PlayStation VR headsets, Book 2 picks up right where the original game left off. Players will return to the role of guardian as they assist Quill on yet another fantasy-driven journey. According to the developer, Book 2 will be bigger, longer, and better than the first.

The sequel was originally announced this past summer. Today’s trailer offers us another look at real gameplay. Based on the footage, it looks as though we can expect new enemies, environments, and weapons such as a mighty hammer. As for an official release date, we’ll just have to wait until next year for more information.

Moss: Book 2 is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation VR headsets in Spring of 2022. No word yet on whether or not the game will be heading to other platforms, though the original did receive official Quest and PC VR posts after launch. For more information visit here. You can also learn more about the development of Moss: Book 2 via one of the following developer videos:

Feature Image Credit: Polyarc

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