VR Parkour Game Stride Is Getting Cross-Platform Multiplayer

The free update will introduce a dedicated player hub complete with mini-games and training grounds.

Originally released back in 2020, Stride is a single-player action-adventure game that has you jumping from rooftops and battling nameless baddies across a futuristic city. Or at least it was a single-player game.

Earlier this week, developer Joy Way announced that cross-platform multiplayer will be heading to the game later this month, offering you the chance to parkour side-by-side with friends and strangers in several competitive game modes set across four colorful maps.

At launch, multiplayer will feature two different game modes to play:

  • Horde – A fun twist on the game of tag, Horde mode pits humans against zombies in a desperate fight for survival. Infected players are tasked with hunting down non-infected players within the allotted time. Just a single touch from a zombie will turn human players into the undead.
  • King of the Hill – This one should be fairly self-explanatory. Players are tasked with stealing a crown from their competitors. The longer you hold on to the crown, the more points you earn. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Multiplayer will also feature a player hub complete with mini-games and training grounds, a dedicated matchmaking system, voice chat, and player customization. Moving forward, Joy Way plans on introducing additional game modes, maps, and social features such as a private lobby.

Stride is available now for $19.99 on PC VR and Meta Quest headsets. The game also recently launched on Pico VR headsets via the Pico Store. This includes the Pico Neo 3. Multiplayer will be available as a free update beginning June 9th. No word yet on support for PlayStation VR. Additional single-player content will also be available in the coming weeks.

Image Credit: Joy Way

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