VR Multiplayer Art Exhibit ‘Museum of Other Realities’ Now Available On PC VR

Enjoy a continually growing lineup of captivating VR art alongside fellow art lovers without having to leave the house. 

Originally founded by Colin Northway and Robin Stethem in 2017, the Museum of Other Realities is vastly different from other conventional museums and exhibits in that it can not be visited at a geographical location. Technically speaking, The MOS doesn’t even physically exist; it’s an intangible destination accessible only through modern VR technology. 

After roughly two years in early access, this one-of-a-kind VR art exhibit has finally opened its doors to the public, allowing those with PC VR headsets the chance to slip into VR and immersive themselves in a carefully-curated selection of multidimensional artwork that would be impossible to showcase at a brick-and-mortar gallery. The MOR surrounds visitors in the colorful works and captivating sounds of a rotating lineup of experimental projects by genre-defying artists dedicated to blending the worlds of immersive technology and art. 

“The work people are doing is inexpressibly amazing. You have to see it,” said Colin Northway, MOR co-founder and developer of Fantastic Contraption in an official release. “These artists are going to define the future and they are already redefining the present. And to be there and see it—to be part of it—is hugely exciting.”

“Right now, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what is possible,” added MOR co-founder, Robin Stethem. “I’m excited to work with artists on a space that will allow a broader audience to experience this incredible realm of creative potential in its native medium – and, perhaps, to inspire a new generation of artists.”

Right now you can log in and check out over 20 incredible pieces of immersive art from accomplished arts such as Dani Bittman, Liz Edwards, Sutu, Cesar Ortega, Matt Shaefer, John Orion Young, Romain Revert, and others. The VR museum even holds a regular string of live events, allowing users to meet up with other like-minded art-lovers.

As previously stated, the Museum of Other Realities has been in early access since 2018. Today’s official 1.0 launch comes with a massive update that introduces a new lineup of towering architecture that spans two floors of the VR museum, fresh artwork from a handful of new creators, improved wayfinding in navigation which makes it easier to find new art and meet up with friends, and a slew of new social controls and avatar customizations. 

“After many months of development, we’re excited to finally launch version 1.0 of the Museum of Other Realities (MOR),” states MOR Museum Inc. in the update. “During our time in Early Access, we had the opportunity to hear from the community, which in turn, helped us iterate based on the valuable feedback we’ve received. We’re also glad to have worked with so many amazing artists who have contributed so much to the MOR.”

The Museum of Other Realities is open now to the general public for a one-time payment of $14.99. Download the app via SteamVR, Oculus, and Viveport, slip on a compatible PC VR headsets, and go get your art on. 

Image Credit: Museum of Other Realities Inc.

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