VR Ghost Hunting Game Phasmophobia Gets A Major Update Tomorrow

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Everyone’s favorite paranormal investigation simulator Phasmophobia is receiving a major overhaul tomorrow aimed specifically at VR players. Originally released on PC in 2020, this addicting psychological horror game has up to four players working together to gather evidence of paranormal activity throughout a variety of haunted locations using unique ghost hunting equipment such as EMF readers, “Spirit Boxes,” and night vision cameras just to name a few.

Players can even use their actual voices to interact with spirits via Ouija Boards and EVP sessions. The game also features cross-platform support, allowing those in VR to hunt spirits alongside non-VR players. Last month developer Kinetic Games announced a new update on the way that will bring significant improvements to the VR experience.

We don’t have all the details at the moment, though the trailer provided teases several updates, including better item placement, improvements to hand posing, left-handed and seated modes, a new grab selection UI, and simulated crouch just to name a few. Kinetic promises even more surprises when the update launches on PC VR headsets this week.

In a tweet posted earlier today, the company announced that its VR rework will launch on Steam tomorrow as a free update to existing players. It looks like we’ll just have to wait a little longer to learn more about the other improvements to the VR experience.

As previously mentioned, Phasmophobia launched on PC back in 2020 to solid reviews. However, it wasn’t until the Twitch live streaming community began to play that the popularity of the game really took off. Since then the game has maintained a solid player base. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s update brings even more amateur paranormal investigators into the mix.

Phasmophobia is available for $13.99 on PC and PC VR headsets via Steam.

Image Credit: Kinetic Games

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