VR Game Lets You Create & Play Your Own Board Games

The future of tabletop gaming is looking bright thanks to VR.

All On Board is a mod-based VR platform currently in development for Meta Quest and PC VR headsets that allows you to play an ever-expanding catalog of multiplayer board games built by the community for the community in VR. 

The game is designed to recreate the feeling of getting together with your friends for an evening of classic tabletop gaming. Only instead of a dusty cabinet filled with moldy board games you’ve played countless times, you now have access to a growing selection of licensed titles as well as mods designed by other players using a dedicated PC creator tool (no coding required). 

The game will feature private play sessions for you and your friends as well as a matchmaking system with support for cross-platform play. According to developer The Game Kitchen, only one player needs to own a copy of a licensed game in order for others to play; a cool move on the part of the developers.

There’s even a flatscreen guest mode that allows those without VR to play using their smartphone, albeit with limited capabilities. All they have to do is download the free guest app. 

Other VR features include customizable avatars, play environment mods, and a streaming tool you can use to share your gameplay with the world. New features and content may be added depending on how much funding the project receives. 

At the time of this writing, All On Board has surpassed its initial funding goal by roughly $17,500 with 15 days remaining in the campaign. If the team hits $50,000 they’ll introduce additional dungeon master tools perfect for hosting role-playing games.

Early backers can join a closed beta beginning in Q1 2023. The game will launch in Early Access later that year. The team states that they’ve already partnered with “some of the best board game creators” but are still accepting applications from publishers big and small. 

All On Board will be available on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets via Steam when it launches in Early Access sometime next year. The company has also expressed interest in expanding support to additional headsets, such as the Pico Neo and the upcoming Meta Cambria. 

For more information check out the official Kickstarter.

Image Credit: The Game Kitchen

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