Story-Driven VR Fitness Game ‘Gym Masters’ Announces Kickstarter

Build the raddest gym in Gym City with the help of the Gym Masters.

Developer ViFit this week launched an official Kickstarter for Gym Masters, a narrative-driven VR fitness game that looks as radical as it does exhausting.

Whereas most VR fitness games throw you straight into your workout, Gym Masters features its own over-the-top storyline designed to keep you motivated as you partake in a variety of physically-intensive minigames. You’ll also play the role of gym manager as you build your very own virtual fitness center.

Long story short, your dad’s worst enemy—Condor Brusnawer—has been throwing some serious shade as of late, running his mouth about the time he beat your father in the last Grand Battle. In an effort to redeem your family name, you’ll travel to Gym City to reopen the family gym and restore honor to your dojo. This will be easier said than done, however, as Gym City is home to some of the greatest athletes and fittest individuals on the planet.

Thankfully, you’ll have the assistance of the Gym Masters. Former pupils of your father—Rock Johnson, Yotoi Burraito Do, and Criss Fit Body Power are now among the top athletes in all of Gym City, serving as motivational sources for newcomers while at the same time battling each other for control of the best students.

Image Credit: ViFit

According to ViFit, gameplay revolves primarily around a combination of increasingly-difficult mini-games designed to get the blood pumping.

“These mini games will vary from punching soda cans and dodging pizzas to washing Rock’s mustang with guitar riffs, running on a treadmill escaping from lava using your arms, organizing Rock’s garage, catching flyes with an electric fly swatter in Burraito’s gym, shaping his bonsai with Kame Hame Ha style movements, or doing CrossFit style Wall Ball workouts with Criss,” states the official Kickstarter.

Completing mini-games earns you a variety of objects and trophies you can use to decorate your gym. Once you’ve unlocked a mini-game you can then replay it as much as you’d like in Training Mode. As you progress through your fitness journey you can continue to upgrade your gym with new decorations and mini-games to create the most prestigious fitness center in all of Gym City. Based on the video provided, it appears as though these physically-demanding mini-games will come in the form of classic arcade cabinets, adding to the nostalgic 80’s theme.

Image Credit: ViFit

At the time of this writing, Gym Masters is roughly $7,500 away from its funding goal of $11,707 with 28 days left to go in the campaign. Additional stretch goals include a fourth Gym Master, Quest hand-tracking support, a PSVR release, and multiplayer functionality. According to its Kickstarter, ViFit is currently aiming for a July 2021 release.

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Feature Image Credit: ViFit

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