VR Fitness App Lets You Workout With Real Dumbbells

A virtual workout with real results.

Litesport is a subscription-based fitness app for VR headsets designed to immerse you in a variety of virtual workouts. Formerly Liteboxer, the company recently expanded its digital fitness platform beyond boxing and total body workouts to include Strength Training.

This new game mode utilizes various technologies—from passthrough and hand tracking to mixed reality—to offer a variety of challenging strength-building routines. Some of these Strength Training exercises have you ditching your motion controllers in favor of actual dumbbells. The app tracks your movements to ensure that you’re using proper form while lifting.

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According to Litesport, the Strength Training mode does not feature any scores or leaderboards. You instead follow a virtual trainer through set routines that target 16 important muscle groups. You can even target specific muscle groups using an interactive muscle map and track your performance over time.

“Building strength is essential, and we want to make it accessible to everyone,” said CEO and Founder, Jeff Morin, in an official release. “With Strength Training, we hope to give people who may have never sought out a strength workout – a starting point.”

Credit: Litesport

“They can find a workout to help strengthen their lower back so they might more easily pick up their toddler, whatever it might be,” he added. “Our muscle map makes it simple to pick a target area, and the tracking and accountability will, we hope, make them come back to it and feel the result, but as a side effect of having fun in the app and doing something they enjoy.”

Litesport is available to download now on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro VR headsets for $18.99 per month via the Meta Store. The company is offering a 7-day free trial for those on the fence about subscribing. There’s also a free membership you can sign up for that offers access to a limited amount of content.

“The app has changed so much in the past 12 months,” added Morin. “We added full-body workouts with the launch of Total Body 6 months ago, and it became obvious that this made-for-VR, trainer-led experience is really something special. People love it, and it’s a huge differentiator for us.”

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