VR Experiences For Unlocking Your Inner Teenage Angst

Simulate the thrills of being a teenager in 2017 with Fidget Spinners & water bottle-flipping in VR.

Over the past couple of years virtual reality has developed into an integral tool in the development of immersive simulation experiences. Whether it’s replicating real-life emergency room scenarios for trauma doctors or accurately portraying the stresses of a chaotic retail environment, VR has become the perfect option for providing cost-effective recreations of real-world environments and instances.

Now it appears as though VR is finally reaching the peak of its simulation capabilities by allowing users to step into the complex and mentally-unstable shoes of a modern day teenager. Here are just a few virtual reality experiences for tapping into your inner teen angst:


I don’t understand the Fidget Spinner and I’m slowly starting to realize maybe that’s for the best. Regardless of my own personal confusion towards the bizarre spinning monstrosity, the massively popular toy has taken over the United States seemingly overnight. So it comes at no surprise that the unique little device has made its way to virtual reality with a custom experience available on SteamVR.

Developed by Vladimir Storm, Fidget Spinner VR allows users to freely operate their digital hand toy using the HTC Vive or Oculus Touch controllers. Spinning the stress-reliever also changes the trippy visuals in the background, resulting in an engaging and constantly-changing environment.

Download the meditative experience for FREE here.


Apparently when it comes to earning street cred in today’s middle schools there’s no better way than becoming the undisputed champ of flipping water bottles. Yes you heard me right, water bottles… The infectious trend tasks kids with flipping half-empty water bottles in an attempt to land them right-side-up in the most stylish manner possible. If that sounds ridiculously silly to you that’s probably because it is.

Available for the HTC Vive via SteamVR, Bottle Flip VR brings all that plastic bottle flipping action you love to the digital world with a slew of environments and game modifiers to choose from. Players can test their skills at locations ranging from playgrounds and bedrooms, to a science lab and even the moon. Keep track of your stats such as most consecutive flips, furthest toss and furthest cap. You can also customize the experience with game-altering options such as gravity control.

So if you’re looking to test your flipping skills before bringing them to the mainstage, aka the lunchroom, pick up this bizarre simulator on Steam for just $3.99.

As the industry continues to experiment with new and unique experiences, you can be sure there are plenty of absurd VR programs based off teenage trends on the way. So if anyone manages to find a competitive dabbing simulator, please, keep it to yourself.

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