Perfect VR Experiences For A Solo Valentine’s Day

No date? No problem.

It’s that time of the year again. That oh so special day where couples come together to celebrate their relationships with an evening of romance out or just Netflix and chill.

At the same time, there are many of us who may spend this holiday without a special Valentine. And just because you’re going solo doesn’t mean today can’t be a warm and fuzzy one, especially when we have so many VR experiences to choose from.

So we rounded up a handful experience that may be just what you’re looking for on Valentine’s day:

First Person

If you’ve ever felt down about being single at some point in your life, sometimes all it takes to feel better is the simple knowledge that you’re not alone in the struggle. There are plenty of others smack dab in the middle of the ensuing chaos that is the current dating scene, and that isn’t all that bad. That’s more-or-less the intention of First Person, a brand new 360° video scripted comedy from LA-based studio VR Playhouse highlighting the immensely confusing world of modern romance. Users will jump into the shoes of an average Joe re-entering the dating scene for the first time since a brutal divorce. You’ll experience everything from the perspective of our down-on-his-luck protagonist as he struggles through awkward dates in the hopes of discovering new love.

The first season of First Person is available today for FREE via YouTube 360, Facebook 360, Littlestar and Vimeo with future updates planned in the future.

Dating Lessons

Why not take advantage of your free time this holiday by improving your social skills. A VR dating course designed specifically for the shy, Dating Lessons provides users with 11 in-depth lectures and seven hands-on sessions that help directly assist with confidence and charm. Instructed by a real professional dating coach, you’ll practice your compliments, learn how to read subtle facial expressions, clearly express interest and much more.

You can pick up Dating Lessons for $9.99 on Oculus and Vive via SteamVR.    


Now that you’ve brushed up on your flirting, lets test out those newly developed skills on the virtual streets! An intuitive social VR network touting an impressive array of useful features, vTime is a VR application for meeting new people. vTime sets itself apart from the various other VR social network options (Altspace, VRChat, Facebook Spaces) with its wide selection of unique tools and customizations that make it an excellent platform for safely engaging with strangers. Fully customizable human avatars, informative online profiles, a holographic shield for protecting your personal space, the list goes on. Overall, a solid alternative for when VRChat is just a bit too much. Which is almost always.

vTime is open to the public for FREE via the Rift, GearVR, Daydream, Cardboard , iPhone and most recently Windows Mixed Reality.

Sensual VR

One of the more NSFW games in the SteamVR catalogue, Sensual VR borrows generously from the hit book series Fifty Shades of Gray to deliver a physical VR experience sure to please any lover of “playrooms” and six-pack abs. Those who find themselves curious enough to try will enter the world of the mysterious Mr. Purple. There you’ll complete a variety of tasks (I’ll keep it vague for several reasons) in order to keep Mr. Purple happy, therein unlocking a gorgeous helicopter tour over some of the planets most awe-inspiring locales. You might want to lock the door to your game room before hopping into this experience.

Sensual VR is available now for $29.99 on Oculus and Vive via SteamVR.

Gal Gun VR

Maybe you’re just looking for a more casual, effort-free V-Day experience. A VR version of the original 2011 Xbox 360 title of the same name, Gal Gun VR is an absurd Japanese rail-shooter that puts users in the role of a Japanese high school student in possession of a special device that instantly turns any female classmate into your biggest fan. All the playfully uncomfortable anime clichés are here: from hiding in the girls locker room and trash cans, to battling possessed classmates and running away from your rabid harem. Don’t let your guard don’t for a second though. One wrong move and your new legion of fans will literally sweep you off your feet. Silly? Yes. Unnecessary? Totally. A popular game among SteamVR users? Of course it is…

You can download Gal Gun VR on Oculus and Vive for $29.99 via SteamVR.

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