This VR Experience is Powered By Positive Thinking

Positivity Moves The World brings brain-controlled interface technology to the GearVR via a headband.

There’s no shortage of bizarre control schemes for VR experiences these days. After all, developers are still experimenting with various methods they hope will become the standard. So it comes as no surprise that we have some truly unique options popping up almost every week.

However it’s the work being done with brain-controlled interfaces (BCI) that’s truly pushing the boundaries of what can be done in virtual reality. This hands-free method of control utilizes advanced brain-wave tracking technology to allow users to alter and influence their experiences with just their thoughts.

This is exactly what bootstrapped Columbia, MO developers StoryUp XR are bringing to their latest VR project, Positivity Moves The World, which was just introduced at the Employer Health Congress this week in LA. Created in partnership with the Neuromeditation Institute, Everywoah in Spain, and Immersive.real life, the mind-controlled VR project places users directly on the side of a beautiful waterfall and are tasked with using BCI technology to raise yourself further up the massive natural structure. But here’s where the project sets itself apart from other brain-operated projects: This VR experience is powered specifically by positive thinking.

“We’re using BCI as a steering wheel for stories,” said Sarah Hill, CEO of StoryUP XR, “So many of our interactions with media have become negative. ‘Positivity’ is a reminder our thoughts control not only the virtual world, but the real world as well.”

“When a person is feeling more positive and optimistic,the left frontal region of the brain becomes more active and can be measured by increases in gamma brainwaves,” said Dr. Jeff Tarrant, StoryUP’s Chief Psychologist and neurofeedback specialist. “When the BCI detects a certain level of that specific gamma activity, the user gently glides up the side of a lush waterfall.” 

At the end of the experience, users will then have a chance to check out a video at the base of the waterfall that provides more insight into the ambitious project. Positivity Moves The World is also the first VR experience in the world to utilize the Muse meditation headband with a VR headset. “StoryUP Positivity for Muse” will arrive first on Samsung’s GearVR headset, followed by Google Daydream.

Based on this positivity-powered experience as well as several other exciting data-driven narrative projects, StoryUP XR is quickly becoming an immersive media company worth keeping track of. Along with Positivity for Muse, the company is working on it’s innovative “Story Spa” platform, a mobile VR library designed to alleviate workplace stress. From over-worked sales team members to isolated sailors aboard the USS Nimitz in the Pacific Ocean, users gain access to a collection of anxiety-reducing 360° videos written partly by those who have personally seen challenges and various trauma around the world.

StoryUP products also support the efforts of Honor Everywhere, a VR system for aging or terminally ill military veterans who are physically unable to visit their hard-earned memorials. You can support these retired warriors by donating to your local Honor Flight hub.

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