VR Dungeon Crawler Demeo Is Getting Hand Tracking

Hope you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty.

Last week, Resolution Games introduced mixed reality support to its tabletop VR dungeon-crawler Demeo, allowing you to explore a variety of dangerous labyrinths and battle all manner of horrific creatures from the comfort of your living room. The experience is even better on Meta Quest Pro with its full-color passthrough technology.

Earlier this week, Resolution Games announced yet another exciting feature on its way to the Quest platform: hand tracking. First reported by UploadVR, the studio confirmed that “More mixed reality features are coming in the future [to Demeo], including hand-tracking.”

We don’t know at this time which Quest headsets will receive support, though the Quest 2 and Quest Pro are both solid bets. We can only assume that players will have the ability to move game pieces, access their card deck, and roll the game die, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

In addition to hand tracking, the developer has also teased a new multiplayer mode that allows several players to play together in a shared space. No word on when or if we can expect that feature to become available.

If you have access to a Quest 2 or Quest Pro headset, we highly recommend trying the game out using passthrough. You can even map any furniture in your real-world space so that it interacts with virtual items. I have to admit, tossing the game die and watching it fall off your actual coffee table is pretty surreal.

Demeo is available for $29.99 on Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Mixed reality is available now as a free update to existing players with hand tracking to follow.

Image Credit: Resolution Games

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