VR Dungeon Crawler Demeo Is Adding Paintable Miniatures

There’s never been a better time to be a tabletop gamer.

Originally released on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets back in 2021, Demeo is an addicting VR dungeon crawler with an old-school vibe. Brought to us by developer Resolution Games, the turn-based multiplayer experience has you teaming up with friends to battle hordes of monstrous creatures throughout a variety of underground labyrinths. You can choose from one of several powerful heroes to control, each with its own unique abilities, from a spell-casting wizard to a sneaky assassin.

This past February, Resolution launched the Heroes’ Hangout, a dedicated social hub where players can hang out, chat with friends, compete in archery, participate in a “retro-inspired” minigame called ‘Demeo: The Hauntlet’, and snap photos that are sent directly to the official Demeo Discord. Recently, the developer teased yet another surprise heading to their social hub: paintable miniatures.

Last week, Resolution announced that you’ll soon have the ability to custom paint your own miniatures from within the Heroes’ Hangout. Based on the image provided, you’ll use your motion controllers to hand paint virtual figurines using a variety of colors. You can also pick up the figurines and inspect them from all angles as you paint.

Unfortunately, Resolution has stated that you will not be able to play your custom-painted figurines in-game. Based on a follow-up tweet by the company, it sounds as though we shouldn’t expect playable figurines any time soon. That said, it’s still a neat little addition that should put a smile on the face of even the most cynical tabletop aficionado.

No word yet on when this update is expected to drop. The game’s next major campaign, ‘Curse Of The Serpent Lord,’ is scheduled to launch on June 16th on VR headsets and PC. Demeo is available now on Meta Quest, PC VR, and regular PC for $29.99.

Image Credit: Resolution Games

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