VR Developer Brett Jackson Needs Your Help Finishing His New Game ‘Voxel Vibe’

Help create original characters for an upcoming VR game, no experience required.

Voxel Vibe is an upcoming interactive VR puzzle game in which players are immersed in a hypnotic voxel world similar to a 3D music visualizer. Your objective is to help the Voxel’s recover their stolen vibe by teaching them some sweet new dance moves.

Normally, these brightly lit digital cubes are full of life and exuberance. Lately, however, something has been draining them of their rhythm and vibe. It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that these digital creatures have actually begun to darken and are no longer responding the beat of the music.

In order to restore the vibe and bring these tiny part ahnimals back to life, players will engage in a series of heart pumping, cardio boosting activities.

The game is currently being developed for the Oculus Quest and PC VR by Brett Jackson and his company JumbliVR, though according to the developer, he and his team could use a little assistance. Through Jackson’s Voxel Vibe Creator platform, players can help create additional Voxel character using the same tools employed by the team during development.

Jackson talked with VRScout about this approach saying, “Once I had the ability to animate thousands of blocks I realised how cool it would be if they could morph into characters that had some personality,” Jackson continues, “There’s scope to have loads of varied characters in the game, but that would take a lot of time and I felt there would be people out there that could do a better job than me, so I invested many weeks creating Voxel Vibe Creator. This tool allows you to model characters out of 729 blocks and animate them.”

The Voxel Vibe Creator tool offers multiple features to create your character. Voxels have the ability to light up and come to life as they pulsate in size, rotate, and jump around to the music. Each color reacts differently depending on the frequency of the music. Using the tools provided, contributors can animate original Voxel characters and then share their work with other creators as well as the team. After designing a character, head to video mode to see how your Voxel looks in-game

Once you’re happy with your Voxel Vibe hero, you can then submit your entry to Jackson. The person with the best entry will have their character immortalized in the game forever. The winner will also receive a free copy of the upcoming Voxel Vibe game as well an official mention in the end credits.

To install the Voxel Vibe Creator tool, you’ll need to sideload the platform onto your Oculus Quest headset. From there, just click on the “install APK file from folder” option and then look for the tool in Unknown Sources on your Quest. If you run into issues, you can email Jackson at

If the initiative draws enough interest, Jackson has numerous ideas on how how to expand the platform so that creators can design more complex VR animations and overlay them onto their own videos.

For now, the team will continue to monitor player interest as more creators get their hands on the tool. That being said, handing over a small portion of creative control to the players is sure to drive additional interest towards this already unique music-based experience.

“I’m sure people will have fun using the tool and I’m hoping that they will share their ideas with each other and contribute some of their work to my game. I’d love to build a community that can input ideas and characters into the Voxel Vibe game and join me on the journey as I progress. I know the final game will be much better if I can get more people involved,” said Jackson. 

Download the Voxel Vibe Creator tool to start building your own Voxel Vibe character now. Who knows! Maybe you’ll see your name credited as a game developer!

No word yet on an official release date.

Image Credit: JumbliVR

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