VR Developer Closes Russian Office Amid Invasion Of Ukraine

The developers behind Jentrix and Requisition VR show their support for the Ukraine.

London-based VR game studio Arcadia announced recently that it has shut down its Moscow branch as a direct result of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. The company provided an officia statement on the matter last week via Twitter.

According to Arcadia, the studio shuddered the doors of its Russian division on February 28th, citing Russia’s “appalling invasion.” The company says that it has welcomed some of its Russian employees the chance to work with the rest of the company abroad. While speaking to UploadVR, a company spokesperson stated that the Moscow office employed 27 people, 11 of which have been relocated to a temporary office in Turkey.

“There are no words to describe how we feel at the moment,” said the company in an official statement. “The appalling invasion and atrocity of war have no excuse. We keep in touch with our Ukrainian colleagues and provide the necessary support.”

“We apologize for not sharing this statement earlier,” the company added. “We deplore this invasion and we all want peace. Let’s stay strong and support each other through these dark times.”

Arcadia VR was founded in 2019 and is composed of a team of international developers from countries including the UK, Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria just to name a few. This is the same developer behind the colorful VR puzzle game Jentrix, available now on the Meta Quest and PC VR headsets.

The developers latest game, Resquisition VR, was scheduled to launch on VR headsets this past February, but was delayed as the team focuses on relocating its employees. An early access build is scheduled to launch sometime this September.

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