Google Brings Berlin Techno Club to Life in VR

Google, in a partnership with underground music broadcaster Boiler Room, has launched a new VR experience for Daydream-ready smartphones that teleports you to a pop-up “industrial night club” in Berlin — a city with arguably the most thriving nightlife in all of Europe (if not the world).

The 15-minute experience, called VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin, takes place in the “industrial environs of a typical Berlin nightclub” and “lets you ‘choose your own adventure’,” reads a blog post from Google Europe. “… hang with artists, crash the dancefloor, uncover the dark room, wander between audio-visual installations, and explore hidden spaces of Berlin’s underground club culture.”

You’ll hear live music from FJAAK, a Berlin-based artist, during the short-lived DJ set. And depending on the app’s success, this may not be the last DJ we’ll see in Google’s new #VRDanceFloors project.

Boiler Room’s chief business development officer, Steven Appleyard, said in a statement that VR “represents the next stage of immersive, interactive, online music experience.”

“Boiler Room’s MO has always centered around using the latest accessible technology to unite online audiences around real-life music moments,” he said.

The company regularly puts on free DJ shows in Berlin and London for techno and house enthusiasts. These parties are also recorded and broadcasted live on YouTube and their website.

VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin is free to download for Google Daydream’s Inception app. If you have a compatible Android device, you can also enjoy content ranging other musical performances to museum tours.

Watch a 360-degree preview of Techno in Berlin below.

Image Credit: Google Europe

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