VR Coworking App Horizon Workrooms Lets You Work On The Beach

Collaborate with your teammates beachside in two new sunny environments.

This past August, Meta (formerly Facebook) introduced Horizon Workrooms, a VR coworking platform designed specifically for the Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2. The mixed reality office space features a variety of useful tools perfect for professionals looking to brainstorm and collaborate in VR.

As if that weren’t cool enough, the robust platform allows you and your coworkers to customize your virtual workspace by changing the color scheme and uploading custom logos and images. Now it appears as though we have even more options for creating our ideal VR work environment.

Earlier today, Meta announced Horizon Workrooms V1.3, a new update that introduces a handful of relaxing beach environments for the ever-growing VR co-working platform. Upon logging in to the Horizon Workrooms app on Quest, you’ll find two new sunny environments in which to work (Beach – Villa and Beach – Terrace), bringing the total number of work customizable work environments to six. There’s also a pair of mellow cabin environments as well as a few slick city locales. The update also introduces a new high-five interaction.

“There’s no better place to connect with colleagues while soaking up some (virtual)
sun. Our newly added beach environments let you immerse yourself in the coastal
lifestyle while collaborating with teammates,”
said the company in an official release.

Horizon Workrooms remains one of if not the most powerful VR coworking solutions currently available on Quest headsets at the moment. This is due in large part to its unique combination of professional tools designed specifically for VR, including wireless desktop streaming, keyboard tracking, video conferencing, mixed reality note-taking, and hand-tracking to name a few. There’s even a dedicated web app that allows you to upload images, manage work files, and take notes.

Anyone with a Meta Quest can sign up for a free Workrooms account to get started working in VR. In fact, most of this article was written from inside Horizon Worlds, so I can personally vouch for its quality.

Horizon Workrooms is available free on Meta Quest headsets via the Quest Store.

Image Credit: Meta

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