VR Cover Unveils Sweat-Proof Silicone Cover For Oculus Quest & Rift S

Beat the heat with this medical-grade facial shield, available now for $13.99.

VR Cover yesterday unveiled a brand new face cover for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S designed to combat sweat while providing a comfortable in-headset experience. Made from a medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone material, VR Cover promises a a solid, gentle grip with minimal chance of irritation to the skin thanks to an unoiled design.

Unlike VR Cover’s past offerings, the silicone cover works in conjunction with the default Quest face plate as opposed to a third-party replacement. All you have to do is gently detach the existing face plate from the headset, slip on the silicon cover, and reattach the plate to the standalone device. This allows you to easily clean your replacement cover, either with a microfiber cloth, antibacterial wipes, or good old-fashioned soap and water.

While there are several silicone face covers already out in the wild, VR Cover has quickly established itself as a premium accessory supplier. Just over a year ago the company launched its Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set, a modular kit complete with two PU leather replacement face plates, as well as the Oculus Quest VR Cover, which comes with two sweat-resistant machine-washable covers made from 100% cotton. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time with the PU leather replacement covers thanks in large part to the easy-to-clean design, allowing us to quickly swap players in and out of headsets without sacrificing proper hygiene.

VR Cover’s silicone covers are available now for $13.99 each on Oculus Quest and Rift S.

Image Credit: VR Cover

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