VR-Inspired Cocktails Come Served With Their Own Immersive Experiences

Redline VR enhances its arcade experience with a growing line-up of specialty beverages. 

Earlier this year Redline VR — a virtual reality arcade located in Ravenswood, Chicago — opened its doors to the public, offering visitors a curated lineup of immersive experiences in which to lose themselves. This includes popular PC VR titles such as Star Trek: Bridge Crew, as well as other unique offerings, including an official VR racketball tournament as well as multiperson VR escape rooms.

This past month, Redline VR owners Jonathon Irons and Aaron Sawyer have been working hard on the next addition to their already one-of-a-kind immersive arcade: VR cocktails.

Image Credit: Barry Brecheisen, Eater Chicago

According to Eater Chicago, three weeks ago Redline VR owners Jonathon Irons and Aaron Sawyer received an official liquor license from the city of Chicago, allowing them to open a bar within the venue that features an ever-changing lineup of VR-infused cocktails. Though each drink will feature its own distinct name and flavor, every cocktail is accompanied by a brief VR video designed to prepare drinkers for their beverage. Currently, Redline VR is offering two “VR cocktails.” 

The first, “Pierced Navel,” is a modern interpretation of the classic “Fuzzy Navel” that consists of Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey, juice, schnapps, Fee Brothers Peach Bitters, and a sprig of thyme piercing a peach gummy. Then there’s the “Chicago Handshake,” which is a shot of Jeppson’s Malört accompanied by any classic midwestern beer. 

Image Credit: Redline VR

While the bartender prepares these drinks, patrons are immersed in a 30-second animated VR experience intended to prime them for their upcoming trip to flavor town. Currently, both of these beverages are accompanied by the same immersive experience, though Irons and Sawyer are working to ensure each cocktail receives its own unique experience down the line. Eventually, the duo hopes to expand its lineup of VR cocktails, perhaps even rotating selections on a seasonal basis to keep the experience fresh; though that would incur additional developer costs. 

In terms of other “hybrid” experiences, the venue has already begun a wine and 360 painting class in which participants learn the ins and outs of Tilt Brush. Sawyer has also expressed interest in redesigning Redline’s escape rooms in the hopes of creating VR beer tours for local breweries (Redline only serves beer crafted by local establishments).

Image Credit: Barry Brecheisen, Eater Chicago

Redline VR is currently open to the public in Ravenswood, Chicago. For more information on pricing and how to book a reservation, visit

Feature Image Credit: Barry Brecheisen, Eater Chicago

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