VR Burglary Sim ‘The Break-In’ Lets You Steal Things With Your Friends

Infiltrate dangerous locations, evade armed security, and escape with high-value items.

Available on Steam Early Access later this year, The Break-In is an online co-op game that will have you teaming up with friends to loot expensive valuables from a variety of secure locations while evading guards, the police, and neighborhood residents.

Your objective is simple. Infiltrate unique locations like museums, banks, and suburban neighborhoods; avoid detection by guards and nosy civilians, and escape quietly with your loot before anyone catches wind of your little operation.

Image Credit: jorgen games Ltd, Oliver Dolan

This will be easier said than done, however, as each level will feature its own set of procedurally-generated challenges. According to developer jorgen games Ltd., each mission will require a considerable amount of planning in order to properly succeed. Thankfully, you won’t be alone in your illegal endeavors.

You can team up with three other thieves as you take on a series of increasingly-difficult contracts that will have stepping into a variety of roles, from the tech specialist handling communications from your van to the grease man tasked with scaling the drainpipes and breaking in through the open window.

Image Credit: jorgen games Ltd, Oliver Dolan

As you progress from amateur burglar to master thief, you’ll unlock an arsenal of increasingly-powerful gadgets designed to assist you in your heists. This includes everything from old ladders and basic construction hammers to more advanced tools such as the grappling gun.

The Break-In launches later this year on Steam Early Access for $10-$15. Jorgen games Ltd. states that the experience will feature VR/non-VR crossplay, allowing those without a headset to join in on the action from a standard desktop PC.

For more information visit the official Steam page.

Feature Image Credit: jorgen games Ltd, Oliver Dolan

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