Check Out These 2018 Black Friday VR Deals

Make the most of your holiday savings with these discounted offers.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many families find themselves in crunch mode as they prepare for the unbridled chaos of the upcoming holiday season. Whether it be visiting family members or entertaining friends, most can agree there are few celebrations more stressful than that of the holiday season.

This is especially true for those brave enough to participate in Black Friday, a night so barbaric it’s basically the equivalent of a suburban gladiator fight; except instead of battling for their lives, these “warriors” are battling for 25% off the latest Samsung 4K TV.

So while hordes of dedicated tech enthusiasts and aggressive parents are busy shoving each other into walls trying to snag discounted Google Home devices, why not take advantage of the incredible savings being offered on this years hottest virtual reality gear, all from the comfort of your own home?


Despite its initial mixed reception, there’s no doubt that 2018 was the year of PlayStation VR. The console-based HMD picked up some steam with the release of SIE Japan Studio’s VR platformer ASTRO BOT, now considered one of the most polished VR titles of all-time; and with Beat Saber now available on the platform, there’s no doubt that the headsets popularity will only continue to rise.

If you’re a PS4 or PS4 Pro owner, now has never been a better time to invest thanks to a variety of alluring PSVR packages bundled with some of the best titles available on the platform.

PSVR RISE TO GLORY & SUPERHOT VR BUNDLE ($249.99): Normally $349.99, the “Rise To Glory and SUPERHOT VR” bundle includes the HMD, Playstation Camera, and two Move controllers, along with a copy of boxing simulator Creed: Rise to Glory, as well as the uber popular time manipulation title, SUPERHOT VR.

The bundle can be purchased as Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Newegg, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart.

PSVR ASTROBOT ROBOT RESCUE AND MOSS BUNDLE ($199.99): For those who prefer using a standard controller, or simply can’t afford the Move controllers, the “ASTROBOT Robot Rescue & Moss” bundle includes the HMD and Playstation Camera, as well as a couple of adorable platformers, ASTROBOT Robot Rescue and Moss.

You can grab this bundle over at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Newegg, Target, and Walmart.

DOOM VFR BUNDLE ($199.99): Pretty self-explanatory. Get the HMD, Playstation Camera, and a copy of DOOM VFR for a super low price, so long as you don’t mind playing with a standard controller.

Available at both Target and GameStop.

SKYRIM VR BUNDLE ($249.99): Venture through one of the most popular worlds in gaming history with an all-in-one package that includes the HMD, Playstation Camera, two Move controllers, and a copy of Skyrim VR, a full version of the 2011 classic reimagined in virtual reality.

Equip your Ancient Nord Longsword and grab this bundle now at GameStop or Target.


With an ever-growing ecosystem of games and content, along with regular stream of improvements to hardware and performance, the HTC Vive has cemented itself as one of the most popular VR headsets in circulation, offering users AAA room-scale VR experiences from the comfort of their home. The Vive Pro, a midrange upgrade to the original, enhances the experience even further by introducing dual-facing cameras, integrated audio, and an improved resolution of 2,880 x 1,600.

Now, thanks to Black Friday, the Vive Pro has never been cheaper. So whether you’re purchasing your first headset, or just looking to upgrade, now has never been a better time to join the Vive platform.

HTC VIVE PRO (Headset only)($699.99): If you already own the original HTC Vive setup (first-generation lighthouse trackers and controllers), then perhaps you’d be interested in a deal of $100 off the Vive Pro headset. Ditch the third-party headphones and upgrade your visuals for now for $699.99.

Available exclusively at

HTC VIVE PRO FULL KIT ($1,199): For those of you who don’t own a single piece of VR equipment, but are looking to dive in head first, check out this deal for $200 off the HTC Vive Pro Full Kit. Composed of the Vive Pro HMD, two Steam VR 2.0 Base Stations, two second-gen controllers, and a two-month subscription to Viveport for $1,199, it’s not the most economical package available, but for those looking for the absolute best in-home VR experience, this is one of the sweetest offers you’re ever going to get.

Grab this next-level bundle at

Viveport Subscription (95% off select titles): It’s not just hardware that’s feeling the holiday love this year. Vive is also knocking 95% off over 100 games and experiences available on their subscription platform, including such hits as Arizona Sunshine, Accounting+, SUPERHOT VR, and The Wizards & Sariento.

Score 95% off your next Viveport purchase now until Tuesday, Nov. 27, at 11:59 p.m. PT.


For a comfortable AAA immersive experience that doesn’t break the bank, there are few options more attractive than the Oculus Rift. The “OG” PC VR headset so-to-speak, the Rift is an all-in-one platform bursting with exclusives.

Check out a few of these offers for some budget-friendly VR fun this season.

OCULUS RIFT W/ XBOX CONTROLLER BUNDLE ($339.99): Hop straight into the action with a barebones bundle that includes the Oculus Rift headset, one tracking sensor, and an Xbox One bluetooth controller for just $339.99. For another $100 you’ll get an addition tracking sensor, as well as dual Touch controllers for the ultimate Oculus Rift experience.

OCULUS GO ($179.00): The first time Oculus’ standalone Go headset has been on sale since launch, you can pick one up this Friday to Cyber Monday for a discounted price of $179 USD for the 32GB version.

Once you’re all hooked up, visit the Oculus Store for a myriad of Black Friday discounts on some of the platforms hottest games.

We’ll be sure to keep a look out for any additional deals that present themselves as we grow closer to the fateful day.

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