VR Air Guitar Game Unplugged Adds Muse & Slayer Music

Other rock legends include Rob Zombie and Gossip.

Originally released back in October 2021, Unplugged sets itself apart from competing VR rhythm games with its use of the Meta Quest’s hand-tracking technology. Rather than using standard motion controllers, you instead shred your virtual guitar using your own two hands, sort of like you were playing an air guitar.

Earlier today, publisher Vertigo Games announced the game’s first official DLC, appropriately labeled the ‘Rift Pack.’ Available now for $5.99 on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets (Valve Index controllers required), the Rift Pack features four new tracks from a handful of well-known rock legends. Like all of the music included in Unplugged, each of these new tracks comes with four difficulty modes as well as a practice mode.

Here’s a list of the new tracks and artists included as part of the Rift Pack (as provided by Vertigo Games):

  • Gossip Standing in the Way of Control
  • MuseWon’t stand Down
  • Rob ZombieCrow Killer Blues
  • SlayerSouth of Heaven

“One of our team’s main focus is to keep adding great music to Unplugged. Having such great tracks for the first DLC is a dream come true,” said Ricardo Acosta, founder and creative director at Anotherway, developer of Unplugged. “We are long-term fans of every band included in this Riff Pack and it was a blast to be able to add these songs into the game. We hope our community will feel the same when experiencing this heavy new gameplay!”

The Rift Pack is just the latest in a series of interesting updates by Anotherway. Recently, the developer launched a hilarious game mode that allows you to shred the virtual triangle on stage. Prior to that, we received an exciting new feature that makes use of the Quest’s Passthrough technology to deliver a unique mixed reality experience.

Unplugged is available for $24.99 on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets (Valve Index controllers required in order to play). You can purchase the Rift Pack for an additional $5.99 on both platforms. For more information on visit here.

Image Credit: Vertigo Games

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