VR Air Guitar Game Unplugged Adding Air Triangle Instrument

“I gotta have more triangle!”

Last year, VR publisher and developer Vertigo Games released Unplugged on Meta Quest, offering players the chance to live the rock-n-roll lifestyle and perform on-stage for crowds of adoring fans.

What sets Unplugged apart from the numerous other VR rhythm games is its use of Quest’s hand-tracking technology to deliver a unique interactive experience inspired by games like Guitar Hero. Instead of using the Touch controllers, you strum the virtual guitar using your own two hands, sort of like playing an air guitar.

Earlier today, Vertigo announced a brand new instrument on the way: the air triangle. Available early next month on Meta Quest and PC VR (Valve Index Controller compatible headsets only), Unplugged – Air Triangle will mix things up with action-packed triangle gameplay guaranteed to get your blood pumping. According to an official release, the company is working alongside developer Anotherway to expand the games’ music library with new content; this update is just the first of many on the way.

Although we’re obviously big fans of guitar focused rock music, exploring other genres and new ways to play Unplugged are always top of mind in our team,” said Ricardo Acosta, founder and creative director at Anotherway. “We’ve been on the search for the perfect instrument which would be the ideal first addition to our game for quite a while.”

Of course, none of the instruments came even close to the triangle! We immediately realized its unexplored opportunities and were blown away by its sound and complexity. With Unplugged Air Triangle we feel we are unleashing the true potential of the hand tracking technology and we can’t wait for people to rock at the rhythm of this mind-bending instrument!

Unplugged is available for $24.99 on Meta Quest and PC VR (Valve Index Controller compatible headsets only). Hopefully, we’ll see a virtual cowbell included in a future update. I gotta have more cowbell.

Image Credit: Vertigo Games

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