Vertebrae VR Advertising Platform Now Open To Developers

A Drag-and-drop SDK helps developers easily monetize their VR & AR experiences.

Vertebrae has officially launched beta version 1.0 of its native advertising platform for VR and mobile AR in the form of a drag-and-drop software development kit. The Santa Monica-based team delivers an platform that offers monetization options to VR & AR developers without, according to the company, interfering with the user experience.

Compatible with Unity, a popular tool among developers, the SDK directs publishers on the most effective locations and formats for ads within their virtual or augmented experiences. Creators are then paid based on the amount of impressions, or views, the brand content receives.

Vertebrae offers a variety of advertising formats which are available on all major VR headsets as well web/mobile 360-degree platforms. In-headset ad types include in-VR product placement (3D branded objects like the ones shown in the image above), gaze-based interactive 3D and VR 360-degree video pre-roll/interstitial. As for web and mobile branding, developer have access to 360-degree video desktop display, 360-degree video mobile display and its own version of 360-degree video pre-roll/interstitial for desktop & mobile.

Vince Cacace, CEO at Vertebrae, spoke more about the platform: “We’ve made it a priority to offer a range of immersive, native ways to tell stories in VR. Options range from simple 360 pre-roll ad formats to more complex in-VR product placement options. Imagine engaging with a virtual product that, when opted into, seamlessly unlocks branded worlds that amplify the VR experience while articulating the brand message.”

“We’re building a sustainable alternative to the premium pay-for-play content distribution model, fueled by brands telling interactive, engaging VR stories, that will facilitate quicker mass market VR adoption through accessible F2P content,” adds Marc Bennett, COO at Vertebrae.

Along with its native VR ad platform, the company assists in selling brand campaigns, handles a large demand of companies looking to sponsor VR and AR projects and even manages billing and reporting – distributing a percentage of the profits to VR developers and publishers. Committed to helping shape the future of in-VR advertising, Vertebrae is also working alongside the Interactive Advertising Bureau to help set the standards for future VR & AR advertising.

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