The VOID Adds Five Marvel & Disney Location-Based Experiences

The hyper-reality provider partners with ILMxLAB to develop a new series of interactive experiences, starting with Disney’s upcoming animated film, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Multi-sensory, location-based VR venue The VOID is best known for providing AAA interactive experiences based on some of entertainments biggest properties. From Ghostbusters Dimensions, to Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, the hyper-reality provider has brought a new level of interaction to some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises, allowing fans to connect with characters and locations in a brand new format.

Thanks to a recent partnership with ILMxLAB, The VOID will be expanding their already impressive catalogue with an additional FIVE immersive experiences based on some of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Marvel Studios most prolific IP’s, beginning with Wreck-It Ralph.

“Very fundamentally we ask ourselves what are places people have always wanted to step into and be a part of, but were never possible before,” spoke Curtis Hickman, The Void’s founder and chief creative officer, in an official release. “Disney and Marvel have a lot of worlds that people want to step into that work well with our technology.”

“As the medium grows and is understood and the demand continues to expand, the platform itself is going to expand.”

The VOID will kick-off the new deal this fall with the release of Ralph Breaks VR, an interactive VR experience based on Walt Disney Pictures upcoming animated film, Ralph Breaks the Internet, a sequel to 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph. This will be followed by a yet-to-be-announced project based on one of Marvel’s 2019 releases. This includes Captain Marvel, Spiderman: Far from Home, as well as the highly-anticipated 4th Avengers film. So far, Disney’s only planned release for 2019 is Frozen 2, which means there’s a good chance fans could be throwing virtual snowballs at Olaf in the near future.

“We are building things that are more and more real, in animation and visual effects and multimedia,” continues Hickman. “There’s almost nothing that you discard right from the start.”

The VOID has expanded to eight cities since its initial 2015 launch, with an additional nine locations on the way, including Santa Monica, New York, Philadelphia, Hollywood, Dallas, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Austin.

Current VOID hyper-reality experiences include the action-packed Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, the extra spooky Ghostbusters Dimensions, and the terrifying Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment.

Image Credit: The VOID

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