The VOID Hyper-Reality Experience Comes To Dubai

The mixed reality park opens its second location in the city built on sand.

In an attempt to bring the immersive attraction to several locations outside the United States, The VOID hyper-reality experience has partnered with UAE-based holding company Meraas to open a brand new location right in the heart of the beautiful city of Dubai later this week.

Available for a limited time, the mixed reality park will open its doors to the public in the high-rent shopping area of ‘The Beach’ on the Dubai Marina March 24th. Attendees will have access to the thrilling Ghostbusters: Dimension experience where they’ll take to the streets of New York City to fight the onslaught of spooky ghouls and creepy ghosts. We were fortunate to try the same experience ourselves at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum during its launch, so believe me when I say that locals are in for a serious treat.

CEO at The Void and former president of the Santa Monica branch of cinematic VR company Jaunt, Cliff Plumer, expressed his excitement in bringing the immersive experience to the legendary city: “At THE VOID we are committed to allowing everyone, everywhere to step beyond reality, and into the most immersive entertainment experience imaginable. We are excited to partner with Meraas to bring THE VOID to Dubai, one of the most innovative leisure and entertainment destinations on the planet. The cutting-edge innovation we’ve seen in Dubai is a natural fit for the hyper-reality experience THE VOID will bring residents and visitors.”

Jean Marc Bled, General Manager, Leisure and Entertainment, Meraas also chimed in to give his take on the interesting partnership: “Meraas is committed to working with innovative international partners at the forefront of their industries to bring unique experiences to the city of Dubai. In doing so, our aim is to foster the development of an urban culture where the next generation of businesses and communities can take root. Meraas partnership with THE VOID is also an endorsement of the work we are doing in leisure and entertainment and once again reaffirms the city’s appeal as a destination for international audiences”.

Using a haptic-feedback vest, customized headset, backpack computer and advanced tracking system, The VOID is able to deliver an unparalleled level of immersion by mapping the virtual world directly over physical objects. This means the door you’re walking to in virtual reality actually exists in real-life, requiring that you physically turn the knob and push it open to progress. Despite lasting only 10-15 minutes, Ghostbusters: Dimension is a thrilling experience that does an excellent job of delivering a truly realistic adventure via its impressive combination of virtual objects and real-world counterparts.

The VOID Dubai location officially opens March 24th with tickets going on sale March 23rd. For more information on how you can get in on the action, head to

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