Vive: 70 Percent of Viveport Trial Users Become Paying Subscribers

The HTC Vive is arguably the most popular high-end VR headset on the planet. Now, Vive is trying to do for VR software what it did for VR hardware through its software subscription service known as Viveport.

Viveport is Vive’s online game and experience store. With Viveport Subscription, users can select up to 5 titles every month (from a curated list) to download and use free of charge.

Starting on March 22nd, the price for a monthly Viveport Subscription will increase from $6.99 to $8.99. Existing subscribers will be able to keep that $6.99 price, however, “at least until the end of 2018” according to an official release.

The increase in price is a move designed to reflect the “growing amount of titles in the Viveport store” and to “support our developers with more revenue,” says Rikard Steiber, head of Viveport.

According to Steiber, Viveport shares 70 percent of the revenue it brings in with the creators of the apps and experiences. The rest goes to Viveport. Other popular content services like Steam also take a 20-30 percent cut from any sale made on their own platforms.

Viveport currently has over 375 available titles, which is a 600 percent increase since the service’s inception.

The new price will also entitle subscribers to increased promotional value.

Subscribers will get access to exclusive promotions and discounts every month starting in February 2018. To kick off the new membership benefits available to subscribers, Viveport will be sending a free title to all current subscribes this month. Viveport will continue to add value to Subscription through additional benefits and perks as the service grows,” the release reads.

Steiber told VRScout he wants Viveport to be a place where developers can be supported and customers can discover new, high-quality content for their Vives.

This strategy may be more effective than the company has previously let on.

When asked how many Vive users actually use Viveport to get their content, Steiber said he couldn’t make an exact response.

However, in a later email Vive explained that:

“Of course, we’d like to be at a 1:1 ratio and aren’t quite there yet, but we’re increasing the value of Viveport and are seeing incredible growth. While we can’t give hard numbers, we have found that nearly 70% of users who try our free-trial become paying customers after their trial is up.”

Every HTC Vive comes with a free trial to the Viveport service.

This trial may not be accessed by every purchaser, but 70 percent is still a laudable conversion rate for any corporation.

Correction: An earlier version of this post claimed that Vive shares 100 percent of Viveport revenue with developers. However, Vive reached out for a correction stating that:

“While Viveport did give 100% of revenue to developers during Q4 of 2017 as a thank you to our developer partners, it has since resumed splitting revenue with developers at 70/30 (70% developer, 30% Viveport).”

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