Kick Off 2017 with This Killer Vive Guide: H/T to Redditor Burning_Faith

Did you happen to get an HTC Vive this holiday season? Maybe you’ve been eyeing one but feel overwhelmed about where to start? One and all, worry no more. Reddit user Burning_Faith has undertaken the monumental task of breaking it down for us so we can spend more time enjoying our virtual selves.

The guide, in its entirety, can be found here, via Google Docs. And since “ViveGuide” is a living document, if you have critical feedback to share, be sure to share on the “UPDATE” page on Reddit’s r/Vive board.

Burning_Faith leads the guide with a brief intro to the Vive system, and then lays out how various games and experiences are categorized, including designations for difficulty (beginner, easy, intermediate, and experienced), favorites, spooks, online multiplayer, and local multiplayer. The guide includes descriptions for over 75 games and experiences, as well as a listing of runtimes and warnings about graphic content.

But the best part of the guide is the “VR Flowchart,” a graph designed to help Vive users figure out starting points to align with their virtual tastes.


This is an excellent tool for readers to fast-track their decisions, and we’re excited to see how it evolves over time. So take a look, make sure to give Burning_Faith a virtual high five, and get to Vivin’!

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