HTC Vive Flip-Up Visor Accessory Reaches Crowdfunding Goal

The HTC Vive is about to get an upgrade in convenience and comfort.

What are some of the most inconvenient aspects of virtual reality currently? Of course there are multiple answers to this question depending on who you ask, but a majority of people will tell you the same thing: the hardware is less than convenient and most of the head mounted displays could be a little bit comfier.

Well the fine folks at SynergyWiz are looking to make those issues a thing of the past with their recently-funded rEvolve headstrap for the HTC Vive.

The ingenious device connects seamlessly with the existing Vive straps, utilizing an easy button system adjust size and fit any user. This adds an extra level of comfort that’s being compared to the ‘halo’ mounting design featured on the PSVR headset, which has gained a massive amount of praise for being the most comfortable option of the three main VR headsets. Even more impressive is the flip-up visor functionality the rEvolve adds to the popular headset. The attachment actually allows you to flip up the display without having to fully remove the device, much like the visor of a motorcycle helmet. This is a feature I can’t believe took this long to get to the public. Current headsets with their fixed straps and assortment of cables aren’t exactly quick to remove, making simple tasks like checking your phone or just getting a quick view of the outside world a bit of a hassle. Honestly I don’t think i’ll ever look more ridiculous then when I’m fruitlessly searching for Vive controllers (or more realistically a beer) while already wearing the headset.

revolve-vr-kickstarter-vive3The device also redistributes the weight of the HTC Vive, putting more pressure on the forehead therefore relieving stress on the eyes. This not only increases the level of comfort, but the field of view as well since the lack of pressure allows for thinner padding around the eyes. This means users can get even closer to the display without any added discomfort or ‘goggle marks’ imprinted on their faces. The developers have also made a point to future-proof the accessory, providing a bar on the top of the rEvolve that will allow for custom adaptors to hook into it for wireless capabilities. They will also be offering an adapter of your choice as wireless solutions come out; as well as 3D printable files of each adapter so you can print your own.

The current design of rEvolve is a bit of a bulky mess, but it’s important to note that this is merely a prototype. The exciting device reached its crowdfunding goal of $5,000 recently and is already standing at $13,338 with over 20 days of funding still remaining. This gives SynergyWiz plenty of time and resources to redesign the strap to be a little more pleasing to the eye. Then again if you’re trying to look cool while using any VR headset, you’re gonna have a bad time…

revolve-vr-kickstarter-vive4If you’d like to get in on the action, head to their rEvolve Kickstarter page to donate. A mere $85 donation will land you your own rEvolve when it is hoping to ship in April this year internationally.

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