HTC Just Dropped A Preview Of Their Vive Cosmos Controllers

HTC teases new information regarding their upcoming 6DoF headset.

Last month the Consumer Electronics Expo 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, HTC announced the latest addition to their VR hardware line-up, the HTC Vive Comos, a combination PC/mobile 6DoF headset featuring inside-out tracking and a flip-up visor.

Since its initial reveal, the Taiwanese company has remained tight-lipped regarding any new information pertaining to the upgradeable device. And while we’re still waiting on bated breath for any updates on hardware specifications, pricing, and content, HTC today gave us a closer look at the controllers we’ll be using to control this mysterious ‘at home or on-the-go’ headset.

Similar in shape to Oculus Touch, the Cosmos controllers feature a wrap-around design, as well as ergonomic joysticks and button systems. This, however, is wear the similarities between the rivaling controllers end. The Cosmos controllers design includes an illuminated shell designed to work in tandem with the Vive tracking system, providing accurate, latency-free control no matter the movement.

The controllers are also compatible with existing VR experiences, allowing veteran users the opportunity to hope right back into their favorite experience without missing a beat. 

While it’s still unclear exactly what HTC means by ‘at home or on-the-go’, the little that we do now about the Cosmos is exciting nonetheless. A sleeker, simpler headset with upgradeable modular customization could be exactly what HTC need to appease consumers who feel slighted by the companies new found commitment to corporate-level VR.

The Cosmos will also be the first HTC headset to support the new Vive Reality Platform, a reimagining of the core Vive software that allows users to socialize with one another via games, movies, and hangouts.

No word yet on an official release date.

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