Dive Into Dalí Art Like Never Before In This VR Museum

Time to get surreal: scope the world’s largest private collection of Dalí Artwork—in VR.

Thanks to a collaboration between Dali17 and Greenfield Workshop, you can now explore the world-renowned works of artist Salvador Dalí from the comfort of your own home. The innovative VR museum experience gives visitors the chance to view, touch, and even step inside of over 280 pieces of Dalí’s original artwork without the hassle of waiting in line.

The inspiration behind the project was straightforward: to recreate the magic of the real life Dali17 museum located in Monterey, CA, which has been hailed as a “must see exhibition” by USA Today.

“I wanted anyone anywhere to be able to visit Dali17 without having to get on a plane,” said Peter Kaiser, Greenfield Workshop CEO.

To achieve that goal, Greenfield Workshop and Dali17 not only populated the VR museum with the same pieces featured at the Monterey location, but also gave visitors a chance to explore the surrounding Monterey Bay area, where Dalí famously lived and worked during the 1940s.

Despite the similarities between the two museum experiences, the reality of virtual reality is that the VR museum offers many features that simply aren’t possible in a physical environment.

One of the most unique features comes in the form of an animated creature—a “space elephant” that acts as a tour guide throughout the museum. There are no viewing restrictions whatsoever; visitors are allowed—and even encouraged—to touch and interact with the artwork in whatever way they see fit.

Without VR, visitors would miss out on the chance to literally step inside of Dalí’s most famous masterpiece, the “Persistence of Memory,” a unique experience considered by many to be the highlight of the tour. Dmitry Piterman, owner of Dali17, recognizes the benefits of using VR to showcase artwork, and believes that Dalí himself would have been a fan of the medium.

“I am sure that Salvador Dalí, a pioneer of surrealism, would have wanted to create his own virtual reality world,” said Piterman.

The VR museum has been available via download on Steam since mid-May, but if you haven’t had the chance to check it out already, now is the perfect time. As if being guided around by a talking Space Elephant wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, you can now experience everything the museum has to offer.

“Dali17 – VR Museum Tours” can be downloaded on Steam for $19.99 or 50% off on Viveport here.

This post is proud to be sponsored by of Dali17 – VR Museum Tours.

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