Virtuix Reveals Omni One At-Home VR Treadmill

Virtuix looks to become the “Peloton for gamers” with its latest omni-directional device.

VR treadmill pioneers Virtuix today announced the latest addition to its Omni product line, the Omni One, a consumer-focused omni-directional treadmill that allows players to walk, run, duck, and jump safely in VR without fear of running head-first into a wall.

With a diameter of just 4 feet, the Omni One is considerably lighter and more compact than its predecessor, the Omni Pro. Designed specifically for commercial use by VR arcades and various entertainment venues, the Pro is currently being employed by over 500 venues across 45 different countries. It’s this success that lead to the development of Virtuix’s first at-home VR treadmill aimed at the players themselves rather than businesses.

Easy to fold up and store, the Omni One features a smaller, more convenient design, allowing players to quickly setup and breakdown in various parts of their home, whether it be a bedroom, basement, living room, or any other empty space.

“Omni One is like nothing else out there – it’s a breakthrough in omni-directional treadmill technology,” said Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix, in an official statement. “Compared to Omni Pro, Omni One no longer has a support ring. So, it gives users unrestricted freedom of movement, including crouching, squatting, backing up, and even jumping. You essentially become one with the machine.”

Available for $1,995, or $55 per month via a payment plan, the complete Omni One package comes with the easy-to-store VR treadmill as well as a standalone 6DoF headset. Images released so far show the treadmill being used in tandem with a Pico Neo 2 headset, though Virtuix states that this was for testing purposes only; the company will reveal which headset will come complete with the Omni One sometime within the next few months.

Virtuix will also be selling a cheaper $995 “dev kit” that comes with a treadmill, but no headset. Developers and players can instead use their own headsets with the Omni One, saving additional cash for those who’ve already joined the PC VR ecosystem.

The Omni One will support over 30 titles at launch via its own dedicated game store. Titles will include original Virtuix experiences inspired by games like Call of Duty and Fortnite, as well as existing third-party games. No word yet on which titles will feature support at launch.

“Moving around virtual worlds by pushing buttons on a controller feels unnatural, static, and limiting,” added Goetgeluk. “You can’t experience true virtual reality while sitting down or standing in place. You need to walk around virtual worlds as you do in real life – by using your own feet. With Omni One, everyone can experience the thrill of walking around inside your favorite games.”

Virtuix will be launching a Regulation A funding campaign ahead of the official launch in an effort to raise additional awareness around the Omni One. At the time of this writing the company has yet to provide an official launch window.

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