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E3 is still going strong this week in Los Angeles and compared to last year, the presence of virtual reality hardware and games dominated the show floor. We wandered the show floor to capture just a few of the many VR companies exhibiting at E3 this week.

Both Sony’s Morpheus and Oculus had the largest VR presence at E3. At the Oculus booth, attendees were able to try out the latest consumer Oculus Rift by reservation only. The demo utilized the Xbox controller and allowed you to select from a number of new game titles. Oculus also showed off room scale tracking with their prototype Oculus Touch controllers in a private “developers” room.


Sony went all in with their Morpheus at E3. With two floors of massive rooms, attendees could try out the latest game titles in a living room environment. Sony allowed us access to all of their new titles and there were a ton! The titles included Trackmania Turbo, The London Heist, Summer Lesson, Hatsune Miku, Harmonic Music VR, The Playroom VR, Futuridium VR, SuperHyperCube, Godling, RIGS, Battlezone, Headmaster, Wayward Sky, World War Toons, Eve Valkyrie, The Deep, and Kitchen.


Virtuix Omni was tucked away next to the giant Oculus booth but seemed to draw quite a few onlookers. Press went in and out all day breaking a sweat taking down targets.


Manus showed off their consumer VR glove with demos on a Samsung Gear VR. Manus consists of two gloves that come equipped with various sensors capable of offering accurate hand tracking from afar via Bluetooth.


AntVR showed off their headset hardware.


Nod Labs showed off their Nod Ring, a 3D gesture tracking device that uses touch and tactile input to let users engage in virtual reality.


Starbreeze showed of their StarVR headset with a sitting Walking Dead demo. You had to push aside a few actual zombies roaming the area, but was definitely worth a try.

Another notable mention is that Xbox is exhibited a Halo 5 demo experience with the Hololens behind closed doors. Participants were measured, fitted, and transported to a briefing room deck with holographic maps and waypoints appearing before their eyes.

Did you attend E3? What was your favorite VR experience? Let us know!

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