Get Your Virtual Pat-Down On In This TSA VR Simulator

Experience what it’s like to make airline travelers uncomfortable in the most awkward VR game on Steam.

What’s your favorite part about flying? Mine’s the awesome amount of random food scattered throughout the terminal and the fact I could theoretically enjoy a Krispy Kreme with a glass of champagne. My least favorite part is the security. No matter what kind of flyer you are or which airport you’re traveling out of, I think most of us travelers can agree that the TSA check is probably the most grueling aspect of any journey.

But as bad is it for us, I’ve always wondered how terrible it must be for the poor souls on the opposite side of that body scanner. Developed by Out There Entertainment, TSA Frisky finally delivers my long-sought answer, allowing me to step back into my shoes (get it?) and into the role of an official TSA agent. Tasked with keeping my bustling airport safe, it’s my responsibility to check both passengers and their luggage for any illegal contraband to confiscate in this Papers Please-like VR experience.

Using the Vive controllers, I can frisk travelers to discover restricted items, hitting the trigger when I feel a vibration to confiscate and then toss them into the appropriate bin. For extra help, I can also use the wand scanner on my tool belt to reveal even more hidden contraband. After that, I need to search through their luggage for any other suspicious objects. Once I’m done I just need to shut the suitcase and stamp their face for approval. You know, standard airport procedures.

Of course it wouldn’t be a job at the TSA without the stress. I’ll only have less than a minute to check each traveler and their luggage. The more illegal the items I confiscate, the more points I’m rewarded. If I can’t keep up with the increasing flow of people I’ll literally pass out and have to restart my whole shift. Once again standard airport procedure.

TSA Frisky will be available May 8th, however there is a free demo available now. 

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