Unwrap Your Own Virtual Idol Via ‘HoloModels’ AR App

Place, resize and pose Megu anyway you’d like using an impressive array of detailed customization.

Japan can’t seem to get enough of their digital super stars. Whether it’s beloved anime idol group like ‘Love Live!’ or solo virtual superstars like Hatsune Miku, the influential country has an insatiable appetite for these next-gen celebrities, constantly starved for more content. Live shows, albums, anime series’, not to mention the ridiculous amount of merchandise of course.

Cue HoloModels, a new ARKit-powered iPhone app that delivers a fully-controllable anime-style model for users to pose in a variety of places and positions. Developed by Niigata-based Japanese start-up Gugenka, HoloModels begins by having you select your virtual idol, Megu Shinonome, from a shelf before removing her from her personal box. From there you have the opportunity to customize Megu’s size as well as facial expressions using an assortment of digital spray cans (I’m just as confused as you). Tiny and angry, tall and elated, just spray the corresponding can to create your ideal size and expression.

Once you’re satisfied you can then start posing Megu in any position you’d like using a surprising amount of movable points anchored to nearly every aspect of the provided model, from the hair, hands and feet, to the dress and even accessories such as the bow.

This combined with the customization of size and facial expressions allow for a theoretically endless amount of poses and actions. There’s even an assortment of items for Megu to pose with, opening up even more unique moments.

While the current app is definitely an impressive experience showcasing some serious potential in the market of AR models, it’ll be even more exciting to see how HoloModels adapts and grows in the future. Seeing as an official Twitter page for Megu was launched alongside this app, it’s fairly obvious Gugenka is banking on Megu being a Japanese hit. But imagine the potential of being able to pose other high-profile characters and figures with this precision in HoloModels? Maybe even provide support for multiple models at a time for some truly epic animation and moments.

Whatever the future holds, HoloModels is off to an interesting start. Start posing your own shots via the AR Figure HoloModels app, free on iOS now. Of course you’ll need to have ARKit downloaded as well. All text will be in Japanese, but the user-face is simple enough to navigate regardless.

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