AI-Powered Virtual Human Teaches Employees Communication Skills

Talespin combines AI with VR to educate users on proper leadership & communication skills.

Yesterday, enterprise XR developer Talespin introduced a new training tool that utilizes an AI-powered virtual human to teach users “soft skills” — attributes that allow for effective communication and interaction between others — through realistic workplace scenarios.

Utilizing a combination of interactive elements, including speech recognition, AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and narrative branching, Talespin’s virtual character is able to simulate realistic speech patterns, body-language, and mannerisms to simulate lifelike conversations as if speaking to an actual human-being. The company hopes this virtual human will help various organizations with the training and development of employees, specifically in areas regarding negotiation, communication, even conflict resolution.

“Improved workplace communication and empathy are the most critical factors we’ve identified as we help organizations think about the future of work,” states Kyle Jackson, CEO and co-founder of Talespin, in an official release. “We’ve developed our virtual human technology to help people better prepare for a rapidly changing workplace dynamic and evolving technology by improving their interpersonal skills. With this platform, we’re empowering people to become better managers, colleagues, and communicators, and in turn, helping our customers unlock innovation and growth.”

Talespin’s AI-powered virtual human / Image Credit: Talespin

To demonstrate the educational potential of their AI-powered solution, Talespin has developed a VR simulation in which users play the role of an HR Manager tasked with handling an employee named Barry. Unfortunately, Barry has been slacking on his duties and it’s your job to terminate his employment.

By interacting with Talespin’s virtual human in the VR environment — using an Oculus Rift, based on the video provided — users are faced with the stress and emotion they’d face during a real firing. Throughout the simulation the AI software provides feedback in real-time, allowing employees to track their interpersonal progress via gamified scoring, dynamic feedback, and enterprise integration.

By interacting with this lifelike AI, users gain better understanding of how to handle a difficult termination professionally, while still remaining empathetic to the effected party. Talespin’s proprietary virtual human technology is currently employed by several Fortune 100 customers who will be revealed sometime later this year. 

For more information visit Talespin’s official website.

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