VICELAND Launches VR Partnership with Samsung

VICE has partnered with Samsung to bring original content to Gear VR.

As VICELAND, VICE’s 24-hour television network, nears its one-month anniversary, the television network is expanding its advertising partners to now include a VR deal with Samsung.

VICELAND has announced a partnership today with Samsung to provide viewers with innovative, original virtual reality content for both companies’ platforms. To help drive forward the conversation about the new medium’s creative applications, VICELAND and Samsung are enlisting big names in film, music and gaming to create VR projects for Samsung Milk VR, Samsung’s virtual reality content service which is exclusive to the Gear VR headset.


The first installment will spotlight virtual reality pioneer Chris Milk (Founder, Vrse), and will offer VICELAND viewers a first-hand look at Milk’s groundbreaking career in the VR space to date.

The partnership will also see VICELAND and Samsung co-produce a documentary series that will capture the VR creators as they embark on these innovative projects. The documentaries will premiere adjacent to primetime programming on VICELAND in lieu of the traditional commercial break. 30 second cuts of each documentary will then run during the network’s regular commercial breaks.


On set shooting with Samsung Gear 360 camera, set to release Q2 2016.

“With our new partnership with Samsung we are reaching out to our favorite creative minds to re-imagine the kinds of stories we can create within this new paradigm,” stated Eddy Moretti, Chief Creative Officer, VICE and Co-President, VICELAND. ”We want to pioneer storytelling ‘beyond the frame’ and to connect with audiences in completely new, and emotional, ways.”

The program will officially launch with a 2-minute spot set to air this evening (3/28) on VICELAND.

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