‘Vetrix’ Embraces The Spirit Of Tetris But Offers A Whole Lot More

The 8-bit 3D puzzler is a perfect fit for the Oculus Quest.

When it comes to classic geometric puzzle games with a Russian-themed soundtrack, only one game should pop into your mind. Yep, I’m talking about Tetris. Created by software engineer Alexey Pajitnov, this addictively simple puzzle game was on almost every PC in the Soviet Union in 1984. However, it wasn’t until 1989—when the game arrived on the 8-bit Nintendo Game Boy—that it became a global sensation.  

Vetrix is a VR experience heavily inspired by Tetris. It has all of the original mechanics of the OG puzzler, including that early 8-bit Game Boy look. Re-engineered for VR, Vetrix features more complexities that will have you moving quickly to complete each level.

Created by the team over at Pixel Racers, Vetrix is an incredibly addicting VR puzzle experience. Like Tetris, your objective is to strategically position various geometric blocks to create a solid line. Once you do that, the line disappears, earning you points while opening up additional space to work with. 

However, as Emmanuel Floret, CEO and game developer over at Pixel Racer says, “This ain’t your Grandma’s Tetris.” Vetrix takes full advantage of VR technology to immerse you in a one-of-a-kind puzzle experience. Instead of using buttons or a joystick to move blocks, you physically grab pieces with your hands and place them anywhere on the puzzle area (bottom, side, top as long as they fit) to complete each line.

On top of that, the Vetrix board is actually two-sided and sits on a lazy susan carousel. So while you’re grabbing blocks, you’re also spinning the board to find out where you can strategically place the block. There are also special blocks that will earn you big points, so keep a lookout!

Vetrix offers up three types of play: Score, Time, and Free mode. As each match progresses, so too does the speed and recovery. So be prepared for a mental workout!

Vetrix embraces the spirit of Tetris and retro handheld gaming while at the same time providing an addicting puzzle experience that takes full advantage of modern immersive tech.

Vetrix is available on SideQuest, Steam, and on the Oculus Store for your Rift. 

To keep up with what’s happening with Pixel Racers, you can check out their website, follow them on Twitter and on Facebook, or join their Discord.

Feature Image Credit: Pixel Racers

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