Vertigo Arcades Celebrates Reopening Of VR Arcades With New Free-Roam Game ‘Ghost Patrol VR’

Team up with friends and take on waves of colorful ghosts across a ghoulish haunted mansion.

VR arcades and location-based entertainment venues have been hit hard by COVID-19 and the ensuing global lockdown. Vertigo Arcades (Arizona Sunshine LB VR, The Corsaire’s Curse), a spin-off of Vertigo Games (Arizona Sunshine, Until the Fall) dedicated to location-based entertainment, responded to the ensuing chaos by offering extended payment terms, license extensions, and other forms of support to partnered venues effected by Government-mandated safety measures.

As VR arcades across the glob begin to reopen, Vertigo Arcades hopes to recapture the attentions of new and returning customers with a brand new free-roam co-location multiplayer VR game that pits four players against an army of colorful ghosts scattered throughout a ghostly manor.

Launching later this month at select location-based venues, Ghost Patrol VR is a fast-paced cooperative adventure-shooter that tasks 1-4 players with traversing enchanted hallways while zapping waves of vibrant specters using their powerful Hue Blasters.

In order to navigate around certain obstacles, players will need to collect mysterious orbs scattered throughout the map; these allow teams to reposition hallways and trigger platforms to progress. After making their way through several otherworldly environments, players must then work together to take down and “bust” the giant Ghost King.

“We are ready to help boost back up this industry full of creativity and innovation with the right collaboration and support,” said Mário Gonçalves, Account Manager at Vertigo Arcades, in an official release.

In addition to the cooperative element, players can also duke it out for the high score. Before the start of every game each player is assigned a different colored Hue Blaster; by shooting ghosts of the corresponding color, they earn additional points towards their overall score.

Developed by CrazyBunch, Ghost Patrol VR launches at select arcades June 30th. According to Vertigo, the adventure lasts approximately 20 minutes and is designed for players ages 12+.

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