Popular VTubers Headline Upcoming VR Concert On Oculus Quest

Dance, sing, and cheer shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the worlds biggest VTubers.

Popular VTuber personalities Himemori Luna and Natsuiro Matsuri of Hololive Production are jumping into virtual concert platform VARK to headline a killer VR concert series, and with well over 1 million YouTube subscribers between the both of them, the show could end up attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers.

VTubers are online entertainers who use anime-inspired avatars generated using specialized computer software. The now very popular trend began in Japan in the mid-2010s with a majority of VTubers being Japanese-speaking YouTubers or live streamers. Since then, the VTuber scene has grown extensively with more than 10,000 currently active VTubers entertaining people all across the globe.

Cinderella Switch vol. 4 will have both performers taking turns on stage and in the audience during the virtual show, beginning with a two-hour performance by Himemori Luna! As an attendee, you’ll be able to jump into the concert through VR or on your smartphone via the VARK app. 

Like past VARK concerts, each show is packed with the same big budget production you would expect at a major in-person concert, and because it’s in a virtual environment, VARK fills the stage and venue with spectacular visual effects impossible to recreate in a real-world environment. 

The Cinderella Switch experience will also feature special events known as “serial number ticket concerts”, which is when one of the performers is on stage and the other one is right next to you as if you went to the concert together. The two of you can dance, sing, and cheer together!

Himemori Luna // Image Credit: VARK

Part one of the event will feature Himemori Luna, a member of Hololive 4th Generation who is sometimes referred to as the “Princess of Sweets.” She’s so popular she commands her own massive fanbase known as the “Luknights”. Part two will star Natsuiro Matsuri, a super cheerful, energetic performer who loves festivals (her name “Matsuri” actually translates to festivals). Natsuiro is a virtual singer from the Hololive 1st Generation known for performing karaoke streams for her fans. 

The event kicks off Saturday, March 27th. Tickets for Cinderella Switch vol. 4 are available now for Oculus Quest and Quest 2, Niconico, Android, and iOS smartphones for $43 / €35 (448 VARK coins) for one concert part, or $80 / €66 (847 VARK coins) when buying both parts bundled together. Web tickets are available now via Niconico for $33 / €28 for one part, or $62 / €51 when bundling.

Natsuiro Matsur // Image Credit: VARK

The Cinderella Switch series will feature seven volumes in total. To celebrate the launch of vol. 4, VARK plans on giving away an Oculus Quest 2 through social media. You can enter for a chance to win by following their Twitter page and retweeting their pinned tweet. You have until February 28th!

You can also join the Cinderella Switch social media conversation using the Twitter hashtag #cinderellaswitch.

Feature Image Credit: VARK

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