Varjo’s XR-3 And VR-3 Headsets Blend The Line Between VR & AR

Cheaper, sleeker, deeper mixed reality.

Earlier this morning, VR hardware manufacturer Varjo revealed the latest additions to its lineup of human-eye resolution mixed reality headsets, the Varjo XR-3 and Varjo VR-3. Designed for use by a wide rand of industry professionals, from pilots and engineers to surgeons and researchers, these professional-grade headsets feature a variety of enterprise-focused tools.

This includes everything from hand and eye tracking technology, optimized visual fidelity via foveated rendering, an ultra-wide 115-degree field-of-view, and “human-eye resolution” just to name a few.

“Our team has been working non-stop throughout 2020 to further push the envelope of what is possible in XR and VR. The new XR-3 and VR-3 are the most advanced, zero-compromise devices on the market and suitable for any professional workflow,” said Urho Konttori, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Varjo, in an official release.

“We are especially excited by the introduction of depth awareness in the XR-3 through combined LiDAR and RGB video, enabling the most realistic mixed reality experiences ever seen. With our highest-performance XR, Varjo is setting the new standard for professional immersive computing and paving the way for a collaborative, cloud-enabled mixed reality workplace.” 


Varjo’s XR-3 is lighter, fasters, and more powerful than its predecessors. The XR headset features a massive 115-degree FOV (field-of-view), a refresh rate of 90Hz, and 200Hz integrated eye-tracking offering additional visual clarity through “foveated rendering”, a rendering technique which involves lowering the image quality of visuals outside the users peripheral vision to optimize performance. The full frame Bionic Display offers double the human-eye resolution—approximately 70 pixels per degree—of previous headsets. In terms of tracking, the XR-3 features both eye as well as hand-tracking powered by integrated Ultraleap technology.

In addition to visuals and tracking Varjo has also introduced several improvements to comfort. This includes a new 3-point precision headband, active cooling, and a new optical design that promises to reduce eye strain as well as motion sickness.

In terms of compatibility, the XR-3 plays nice with major software such as Unity, Unreal Engine, OpenXR, Autodesk VRED, Lockheed Martin Prepar3d, VBS BlueIG, and FlightSafety Vital just to name a few.


Varjo’s VR-3 features the same specifications as the XR-3 with a few additional goodies. In addition to a 115-degree FOV, eye-tracking, and human-eye resolution, the VR-3 features LIDAR and stereo RGB video pass-through, resulting in more realistic mixed reality experiences.

The VR-3 also features integrated 6DoF inside-out tracking, removing the need for the SteamVR base stations.

“Varjo has pushed the boundaries of high-resolution mixed reality for professionals across various industries,” said AC Mahendran, Director, XR, Unity. “By working with Varjo, Unity continues to power the next level of photorealism and immersion for industrial design, simulation, training, and more. Most recently, through our work with Varjo and Volvo, we propelled cutting-edge advancements in automotive safety. We’re excited to see how the newest Varjo hardware will continue to drive innovation and enable new possibilities.”

The Varjo XR-3 is available for enterprise purchase at $5,495 (USD and Euros) alongside a mandatory one year subscription of Varjo Subscription for $1,495 (USD and Euros). You can pick up the Varjo VR-3 for $3,195 (USD and Euros) together with a mandatory one year subscription of $795.

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