VAR Live Launches Largest VR Theme Park In Malaysia

The 14-room facility features vibrating floors, haptic peripherals, and artificial wind.

Location-based VR made serious headway in Malaysia this month as immersive entertainment specialists VAR Live launched what is now the largest VR-based theme park in the entire country.

Located inside the MyTOWN Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur, VAR Live Malaysia offers 13 of their in-house VR experiences spread across 14 different rooms, some of which featuring various haptic feedback technology; from shaking floors and custom peripherals, to enormous fans and other 4D elements.

The current layout features HTC Vive and Window Mixed Reality headsets tethered to ceiling-mounted PC’s; although VAR Live has already indicated plans to upgrade to 5GHz WiFi in the near future, along with support for multiplayer experiences and VR backpacks. This would no doubt take advantage of VAR Live’s infrared positioning technique, allowing friends to move freely throughout various co-op experiences.

Some of these titles include Zombie Jail, a bone-chilling multiplayer horror experience featuring haptic gun peripherals and a shaking floor; City Hero, an action-packed cooperative shooter where players are tasked with saving the city from a robot turning its citizens into flesh-hungry zombies; and Treasure Hunter, a VR-puzzler featuring real-world interactive items and plenty of immersive treasure hunting.

VAR Live will reportedly keep its catalogue of immersive experiences on regular cycle, offering 3 to 4 new experiences with new hardware options every year.

Along with support for potential VR-based esports, the company is also looking to open its services to local companies and government sectors for training purposes.

“If the police need to train what to do if five people attack one person at the same time, it can be done in the interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment,” said VAR LIVE Global Limited chief executive officer Steve Ngu.

VAR Live Malaysia is open to the public now at L2-015 of the MyTOWN Shopping Centre. VAR Live features several other locations throughout Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, China, and Pakistan, with plans for expansion throughout other cities in Malaysia, including Kota Kinabalu and Johor.

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