Rumor: Valve Working On VR Headset Bundled With Knuckles Controllers, Half-Life VR

Newly leaked photos indicate the company could be working on their own proprietary headset design.

According to several photos posted to image-sharing website imgur this past Saturday, it appears as though Valve Corporation may be in the process of developing their own VR headset.

The images clearly show the Valve logo printed on the headsets circuit boards, alongside what appears to be built-in headphones, new padding, as well as SteamVR tracking photodiodes. Two separate cameras mounted to the front of the headset can also be seen, indicating a wider field of vision, according to If you look closely at the computer monitor in the upper-left, you can also make out the exact time and date the leaked photos were taken: July 25th, 2018.  

According to reports by UploadVR, independent sources confirm that these are in fact prototypes for a Valve HMD that will feature a comfortable 135-degree field of view with “Vive Pro resolution.” Those same sources also claim the Valve HMD will come bundled with the companies ‘Knuckles’ controllers, as well as an original VR-based Half-Life title. This would supposedly serve as a prequel to Half-Life 2, as opposed to the long-fabled Half-Life 3.

While there has been zero news regarding a Half-Life VR game in development, Valve has confirmed that they have been hard at work on three separate AAA VR titles for their Steam VR platform. It wouldn’t be outrageous to think that at least one of these releases could be based off a popular existing Valve IP. So why not base it off one of, if not THE most popular video game franchises of all-time.

Valve has yet to comment on the matter, but we’ll be sure to keep a look out for any new information as it presents itself.

Image Credit: Imgur

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