‘Valve Index’ VR Headset Announced, Arrives May 2019

Valve’s long-awaited HMD features dual front-facing cameras and manual IPD.

Valve has just released its first promotional image for its long-rumored proprietary VR headset, Valve Index.

Although we still know very little about the device, the image does indicate dual front-facing cameras (most likely for the purpose of pass-through functionality), as well as manual IPD adjustment, a feature on a steady decline as more headset manufacturers continue opting for software-based IPD optimization alongside fixed lens systems.

Equally as noteworthy is the overall size of the headset. Although it’s difficult to get a precise set of dimensions based on the image provided, the size of the hands in relation to the device points towards the possibility of a considerably thin device, especially when compared to other headsets. Of course, it’s also possible this particular hand model is simply working with a smaller set of paws. Reddit user /u/sbsce took it upon himself/herself to brighten up the promo photo, revealing what appears to be a translucent front cover.

Image Credit: Imgur

We first learned of the possibility of a Valve headset back in November of last year after images of an identical-looking HMD leaked on Imgur. Although it was never confirmed whether or not the headsets shown were official Valve products, eagle-eyed internet sleuths did discover the Valve logo printed on their circuit boards, adding further fuel to the flame. 

This leak also claimed the headset would be bundled with the companies revolutionary Knuckles controllers; hopefully, this is still the case. 

Valve was a no-show at both GDC 2019 and PAX East this year, a frustrating decision for fans who’ve been patiently awaiting any new updates on the companies VR hardware or the trio of mysterious games they’ve long been teasing. With May just around the corner however, it looks as though we’ll be receiving a load of new updates very soon.

Fingers crossed for Portal VR!

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