Celebrate Valentine’s Day With This Alien Makeout Simulator

No romantic plans this year? Then why not get it on with an alien?

Being single this time of year can suck. Seeing happy couples drown each other in flowers and affection can really put a dent in the mood of those with no significant other. Well like most of today’s real-life issues, virtual reality has once again provided a solution. So instead of spending the rest of Valentine’s Day all by your lonesome, why not get frisky with some intergalactic ‘hotties’ from another planet?

Originally developed in just 48 hours for the Boston VR Jam competition, Alien Makeout Simulator is a room-scale virtual reality game where players enter a space cantina and are tasked with locking lips with a ridiculous 10-mouthed space alien that looks straight out of Futurama.

While the main goal is to make out with as many (radioactive?) mouths as possible before time runs out, there is an added difficulty to the challenge as some of the alien mouths will require tender loving to be entirely satisfied, while others will need rapid, continuous pecks.

Having been awarded the honor of Best Single Player Game at the 2014 Boston Festival of Indie Games, the title has now received an official port to current VR headsets including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. With the new version comes several new features as well including fresh new music and FX, additional game mechanics and even a brand new alien partner to, uhm, get busy with I guess.

alien-makeout-simulator-vrSo if you’re looking to fool around with your own non-carbonated lifeform, download Alien Makeout Simulator right here.

Simply download and unzip the file, start SteamVR, apply some chapstick and get to it.

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