New ‘Vacation Simulator’ Destinations, Launch Date Announced

Take a closer look at the four fully-interactable locales available April 9th.

Ever since our brief interaction with Vacation Simulator during last years Tribeca Film Festival, we’ve been clawing at the chance to get our hands on the endlessly-charming follow-up to Owlchemy Labs 2016 smash hit, Job Simulator. Just a brief, 10-minute demo was more than enough to have us salivating at the thought of more beachside shenanigans.

According to Owlchemy’s latest ‘Destination Reveal’ trailer however, it appears as though we’ll be exploring much more than a sun-soaked beach during our virtual R & R simulation.  

Along with flipping burgers, photographing various marine life, and scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of Vacation Beach, we’ll also have the chance to explore three other fantastical locales spread across Vacation Island. Looking to get in better touch with nature? Head to Vacation Forest where you can engage in some relaxing bird watching, take a refreshing hike, and eat irresponsible amounts of wild vegetation. Looking to beat the heat? Take a trip to Vacation Mountain to enjoy a variety of winter activities, such as partaking in an epic snowball fight, chilling in hot tub with some robo companions, and building the world’s ugliest snowman.

Pick your poison / Image Credit: Owlchemy Labs

Of course you’re more than welcome to bypass all the action and head straight to the six-star Vacation Island Resort for a complete total body makeover. It’s here players will receive an introduction to the brand new avatar customization system, which they can use to alter everything from skin tone and hair style, to their visor color, style of glasses, facial hair, and much, much more.

Vacation Mountain / Image Credit: Owlchemy Labs

“Vacation Simulator is bigger than anything we’ve done before, and we’re excited to see how everyone experiences ‘vacation’ in their own way,” says Devin Reimer, Chief Executive Owl at Owlchemy Labs. “The sheer interactivity and connected world we’ve built with Vacation Simulator makes for truly mind-boggling possibilities. It’s VR— there is no wrong way to play.”

Image Credit: Owlchemy Labs

“To interact with Bots in Vacation Simulator, all you need to do is wave,” adds Andrew Eiche, Chief Technology Owl and Cable Slinger at Owlchemy Labs. “You don’t need a button, you immediately go to wave and it just feels natural. It’s a simple, powerful interaction that allows players to interact with characters and connect with the VR world in a very personal way.”

Vacation Labs will be available on SteamVR and Oculus April 9th for $29.99. With a resume consisting strictly of hit experiences, we have zero doubt Owlchemy Labs latest release will be anything short of incredible.

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